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Hit Two Walmarts - UPDATED Hit Two Walmarts - UPDATED

Found two cars, one at each, ouch!

A Fella's Gotta Eat... A Fella's Gotta Eat...

So, thank you Shop Rite, again.

Gold Base Coat w/Candy Red Gold Base Coat w/Candy Red

Another experiment with base coats and transparent paint. Spoiler Alert: it wasn’t a total failure, but the Testors Corp. bears some responsibility this time.

Walmart Last Night, The Way Home Walmart Last Night, The Way Home

The same walmart, on the way home, was like a totally different store during restocking time!

Hawlage, w/Bonus Questions Hawlage, w/Bonus Questions

I stopped at a walmart on my way to a small dinner party last night, and I found one of the recent Johnny Lightning VW Pickups (with the whitewalls!!! gah!). I stopped on my way home and found a fresh case of M2 Coke trucks and I took it upon myself to liberate the sole VW.

JL Customizing Piece in Old Toy Cars & Models JL Customizing Piece in Old Toy Cars & Models

While cleaning in my basement I came across a box of old magazines and articles that I have to pare down. This one is from the July 2004 issues of Toy Cars & Models (formerly Toy Cars & Vehicles) by Krause Publications:

UPDATE: Chrome From A Can Part II, plus Green... UPDATE: Chrome From A Can Part II, plus Green...

For clarification, there is nothing wrong with the testors paint. The chrome base I used was not formulated to be a base coat. Even after knocking the surface down a little, it’s still not happy to have any other coating covering it (although I never tried to clear coat it...). Just wanted to be clear that I’m not…

Walmart Is A Time Machine Walmart Is A Time Machine

Or, they borrowed Fintail’s machine, I don’t know...but as long as they keep putting older stuff out, I’ll keep checking.

He Liked It... He Liked It...

It doesn’t roll like it should because I had to widen the front axle from an Altered Ego and I need practice. The Kid’s OK with it though, he came over today to say thank you. I’m going to make him another one as soon as I get a handle on some paint issues.

What's the Deal w/Format? What's the Deal w/Format?

Where did the star outline LIKE option go? I don’t WANT to save articles for later, my attention span isn’t....look, a squirrel! C’mon Kinja

Grocery Store Hawl Grocery Store Hawl

Stopped in Shop Rite on my way home from you guessed it, a doctor appointment, and I found some nice surprises.

Michaels 50% Off-3PM to Close-TODAY ONLY Michaels 50% Off-3PM to Close-TODAY ONLY

I know, you weren’t planning on going anywhere, but...

Primary Colors Primary Colors

I was very young when I learned the primary and secondary color wheel. Now, I’m older and I’m putting it to use. I’m not going to learn to use RIT dye (yet) when I can use transparent paint (which used to be called “candy” paint) to mix my colors.

Getting Caught Up On Flea Hawls Getting Caught Up On Flea Hawls

Various items from unreported hunts from the last couple of months, or so...

1/87 Day!...phoning it in... 1/87 Day!...phoning it in...

I don’t have the energy to get out the other hundred or so HO scale diecast and take a group shot, apologies. I can’t even be bothered to take them out of the box I used to sort them. I’ve driven to NJ and back twice this week already, I’m not as Mario Kart as I used to be. Anyway, 1/87 Day:

Wheel Help Needed... Wheel Help Needed...

I’m still working towards finishing the green HWs McLaren P1 for my neighbor’s grandson. Long story short, he wants a green P1 with red wheels. I made the HUGE mistake of showing him several carded HWs with red wheels and asked him which ones he wanted. He picked the darker red with black imprint wheels currently on…

Home Again, Home Again, Giggity Gig... Home Again, Home Again, Giggity Gig...

I’ve been granted almost 2 whole weeks before another procedure, so I want to start getting caught up. I have dozens of photos taken in the weeks before all the latest medical brouhaha, and I’ll get them up asap. The Flea Market welcomed me back, today, with open arms...and cool stuff in the hands at the ends of those…

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