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Merry Christmas LaLD! Merry Christmas LaLD!

From me and my Hos...

Merry Christmas From Me & My Hos Merry Christmas From Me & My Hos

What did you think I meant?

StumbleBee® (IMHO) & HWEPY New Year! StumbleBee® (IMHO) & HWEPY New Year!

There was a time when I’d have been all over this, in fact, I was; back when KB Toyworks had them on an end cap for $1 each. I used to send them to all the folks in my VW Toy groups as a joke. But, like the poltergeist, they’re baaaaackk

Injected Hawl Injected Hawl

Had my 4th of 5 injections today, filling my shoulder with gel, followed by the requisite stop by a couple of stores. These from the wal store today.

Secret Super Santa Sent Some Spiffy Stuff Secret Super Santa Sent Some Spiffy Stuff

Thank you to my Super Secret, Look Around. I appreciate it, my friend!

Oh MY! Nuco Schuco Oh MY! Nuco Schuco

I may have to make room for 1:43 in my life, and house...

Remember the Visible V8 Model Kit?

Well, this ain’t it...

Rx For Hawlage Rx For Hawlage

Another doctor appointment, another chance to hunt. Today’s visit brought me into the vicinity of a Target store, something that happens not that often and must be taken advantage of, The Spoils...

Mea Culpa & A Happy New Year! Mea Culpa & A Happy New Year!

Due to circumstances mostly* beyond my control I’ve fallen behind on several HWEPs, photos I’m supposed to take, etc. I’ll be doing my best to get caught up ASAP and I appreciate the patience of those affected and especially, the *other delays due only to my bad memory. Here’s a rare metal base prototype Kool Kombi for…

Question From Down Under Question From Down Under

My Ozzie mate, the bloke who has things sent to my house for forwarding, has asked that I try to help him with this early Hot Wheels Sunagon:

Attack of The Clones! Smawl Hawl is Awl Attack of The Clones! Smawl Hawl is Awl

I was out shopping anyway so I stopped in at the ol’ indoor/outdoor fleaquarium:

Comments & Questions About Comments Comments & Questions About Comments

Where did my comments go? It seems that one of the changes on this platform (?) is the lack of access to past comments. In the olden days, I could go to my kinja blog and see all my past comments and replies. It was easier to go back and find who I promised something to, said something to, had a HWEP coming up with,…

Grocery Hawler Grocery Hawler

me...that is. I went foraging for food, found fighter first:

Teutonic Tuesday: Leggo My Lego  Teutonic Tuesday: Leggo My Lego 

Photo from Motor Trends coverage of the L.A. Car Show

Today's...Was A Rescue Mission Today's...Was A Rescue Mission

So, I’ve managed to stop rescuing every obscure manufacturer’s diecast I find, but my paternal instincts kicked in when I saw these two carcasses. Up for HWEP if anyone wants a couple of Redline Firebird restoration projects. The wheel-less Custom Firebird from the Sweet 16, and the Light My Firebird, minus windshield …

Found The Bent Wing Found The Bent Wing

Wasn’t someone looking for the F-150 from the HWs Ford series?

Staggered, Or Same Size Wheels? Staggered, Or Same Size Wheels?

This Beetle came with same size wheels front and back. I kinda like the staggered look, but that could change.

Thusday Night @ The Wal Store & Kinja SUCKS! Thusday Night @ The Wal Store & Kinja SUCKS!

Who still needs an Audi Quattro? I found a couple for me and a couple for HWEPing.

BoA (beware of another) Scam BoA (beware of another) Scam

Watch out for this Bank of America rewards credit card offer in the mail, it comes with a hidden bait & switch scam. Spoiler Alert: I’m pissed, so you’ll see a lot of pissed-off-ed-ness in this post...

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