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International Travel Checklist: Before You Leave  International Travel Checklist: Before You Leave 

Hello everyone! As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m traveling to Japan in March! My flight is barely 6 weeks away and I’m DYING to get there but I’d also like to have all my ducks in a row before I leave.

Advice for traveling in Japan?  Advice for traveling in Japan? 

Hello again everyone! (This is TamTams, by the way. I changed my name for October spooky fun). I know this is my first post in forever but I’ve been a busy bee at work and kinda mostly lurk now. But I’m just bursting to say that my best travel buddy and I are going to Japan next year in the spring!

The Mooch Couldn't Last Two Weeks  The Mooch Couldn't Last Two Weeks 

New York Times is reporting that Scaramucci is out on the advice of new Chief of Staff John Kelly.

Bit of a quandary....HALP

I finally got an email back from a job that I’d really really like. The boss wants to set up an interview and is impressed by my resume but it starts in late May (if I get it) and I’ve got a family vacation scheduled for the first week of June. It’s been scheduled for about a year and no, I won’t not go.

Random Poll Random Poll

So I’m curious about a work thing. This is a general question, there are no wrong answers, this is not a trick question. Just answer as honestly as you would if a friend was asking.

Random OK Cupid Irritation; Share Yours as Well :)  Random OK Cupid Irritation; Share Yours as Well :) 

I hate it when I’m chatting with someone and have to carry all the conversational weight.

My Sister Is Pargenant!! My Sister Is Pargenant!!

I’ve got another niece or nephew on the way! She was worried because she has endometriosis and the doctor told her it would be hard for her to get pregnant at all but boy howdy. She went off her birth control, dropped an egg and boom!

Some Fun News

There’s a giraffe about to give birth at the Animal Adventure Park in New York!

Some Frivolous Pokémon Go Bragging Some Frivolous Pokémon Go Bragging

There’s new Pokémon!!!! 80 Gen 2 Pokémon have been added to Pokémon Go along with the Gen 2 evolutions of some Gen 1 Pokémon like Seadra to Kingdra and Chansey to Blissey.

Treat Yo Self Baby Shower Gift: Crowdsourcing Treat Yo Self Baby Shower Gift: Crowdsourcing

Hello! My best friend is having a baby shower and while I’m getting her something off her registry for the baby, I’d like to get her a more personal gift so she can have something nice for herself since I know people get very baby-focused and forget about the mom.

Feeling Overwhelmed By All The News?  Feeling Overwhelmed By All The News? 

The Washington Post has a great recap of some of the stuff we should be paying attention to. I find that there is just so much terrible shit going on that I can’t keep up so this was a great way to see what I need to see with links to more in-depth stories.

Cover Band drops Inauguration Gig

Der TinyFingers can’t even keep a cover band on the docket for one of the inauguration balls. Sad!

Tinycards for iOS Tinycards for iOS

Duolingo has a free separate app with flash cards called Tinycards for easier memorization of lots of words. It’s currently just for iOS but they’re planning on expanding to Android soon.

Life Accordion To Trump 

I could not stop laughing at this. This is the only way I can stand listening to him talk. Turn the sound up and enjoy.

Duolingo Clubs!  Duolingo Clubs! 

In case people missed it and would like to join, offkilterpendulum started a German Duolingo Club and I started a French one. The clubs are only on the app so far, so update your apps if you haven’t and want to join a club.

Maybelline Hires Guy For Mascara Campaign (UPDATE) Maybelline Hires Guy For Mascara Campaign (UPDATE)

Buzzfeed is reporting that another national brand has hired one of those male Instagram youths to be the face of a campaign. He’ll be spokes modelling for a new mascara. He’s named Manny Gutierrez and I can see why they chose his for mascara because the boy does LASHES with his make-up looks.

Hot Take  Hot Take 

People who say portobello mushrooms have a “meaty” texture have never eaten meat. It’s all just a lie to convert you to veganism or vegetarianism.

Which Manicure Should I Get?  Which Manicure Should I Get? 

This is a silly distraction but I am actually torn between the two. I like to get crazy Japanese nail art done for holidays and events and this year I’ve found a really great place that literally made my dreams come true when they managed to hook me up for my cruise with some mermaid nails that looked like this (not…

Reviews for Eshakti?  Reviews for Eshakti? 

I’m thinking of getting a couple of longer dresses from there for the chilly season and I was curious if anyone had bought from there. I remember hearing about Eshakti from some folks around here so I’m hoping you’ll give me some honest advice about them since reviews seem a bit scarce around the interwebs.

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