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Spring has Sprung

I’m mostly posting because of that gif.

Tweet Tuesday: The Ruppell's Griffon Vulture Tweet Tuesday: The Ruppell's Griffon Vulture

We have talked before about high flying birds and other animals with extraordinary migrations (you can find all the backtalk bird stories here—there are about 123 posts) but for this sky week, what is the highest flying bird? It’s Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture—a pretty imposing but unfortunately critically endangered bird…

As you know, the Sky is our theme of the week. Enjoy these pictures from the Tumblr blog, The Stars are our ancestors.

Theme of the Week: Comics Theme of the Week: Comics

Are you someone who still reads Garfield? Or enjoys For Better or For Worse? Or has joined the 21st century with its new badass webtoons who often have absurdist plots and little internal consistency? Let’s talk about comics this week—from magazines to newspapers to online, those little panels that have encapsulated…

Bunday Morning Open Thread Bunday Morning Open Thread

You got to admire Kevin. He’s been up for hours and already to play. How about you?

Theme of the Week: Snacks Theme of the Week: Snacks

Hey guys. Sorry, I’m a little late. I was on the phone, adulting and such. I figure that since it is my birthday week, we’ll talk about Snacks. Not me, but the things I love.

Good Morning Good Morning

It’s Sunday. Maybe time for lion around?

The Intellectual Dark Web: The Cult of Cringe

So, just as if you didn’t think Jordan Peterson was bad enough, there is a whole group of people who describe themselves as the “Intellectual Dark Web”—a Justice League of cringey political commenters and disaffected academics. Namely, they are people who are constantly complaining about identity politics and see…

Good Morning Good Morning

Kevin has been awake and ready to go for hours! Hours!

a moment for reflection a moment for reflection

Twitter people seem to think that sweet potato fries are bad. How could they be so wrong? Do you feel the same way? Am I sucked into some parallel universe where everyone’s ideas about food are terrible? Please advise.

Theme of the Week: Cults, Faith, and Ideology Theme of the Week: Cults, Faith, and Ideology

In the midst of this Lenten season and in the late winter/early spring time of death and renewal, what better time to explore the good, the bad, the complex and the simplicity of all sorts of belief systems. What makes people follow certain beliefs? Why do people believe blindly in political ideology? Let’s have a…

Jamaican Kitties Jamaican Kitties

Hello from Belmont. I only care about kitties.

Theme of the Week: Love Theme of the Week: Love

I was drinking beer (Piraat which is amazing) and doing some work on a paper with my research buddies when I thought, “I should actually do the theme of the week.” Next week, the theme will be experts. I won’t be there because I will be away in Jamaica for most of the week but still, I can post ahead of time. But this…

Who is that douchebag Jordan Peterson? A Primer.

By now, some of you have heard of Jordan Peterson, Canadian professor of psychology and someone who spends a lot of time explaining dumb shit using Jungian concepts. He’s made a big splash in the media lately since he shamed some British interviewer, causing people in his circle to crow loudly about how liberals are…

Good Morning Good Morning

Argh. It’s so hard to get up and I have to drive in this shit show of a snow storm. And if I complain, people just say, “Well, that’s Michigan!” In less than a week, I’ll be on a school trip in Jamaica and oh god, I’ll probably complain about the heat.

Are you a man? Or a Mandrake? Are you a man? Or a Mandrake?

Suppose I am an amateur naturalist and magician living in Olde Backtalk Towne (near the place with the flavored popcorn and the stockades). I want to find the right plant to add to my arsenal of magick stuff so that other people in backtalk both fear and respect my power. I think I should buy mandrake.

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