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Well that wasn't very relaxing. Well that wasn't very relaxing.

I was enjoying the park with my kids this afternoon when someone at the pond behind me started yelling and cursing at their kid. I’m talking full blown verbal abuse, berating them and dropping f bombs. I turn around to get eyes on the guy, and he’s swinging his arms around screaming at a little girl who appeared to be…

Pray for me, Oppo. Pray for me, Oppo.

I just hit 100k miles on my ‘13 BMW X1 and am now no longer covered by my CPO warranty. My blinker fluid resevoir is all topped up, and I vow to the automtotive gods, both old and new, to faithfully continue to use said blinker.

Bad wreck. Bad wreck.

Came across the remnants of a pretty bad accident this morning. Ripped the cab right of the frame. You could see the bare frame sticking out from the bed. There was a set of burned out flares at the interesection, so I’m guessing it happened last night. Hope everyone was alright.

I'm being supplied with copious amounts of free alcohol, AMA I'm being supplied with copious amounts of free alcohol, AMA

I won’t answer until tomorrow because I’m pretty blitzed.

Great day fishing Great day fishing

I took my girls out fishing at one of our local parks today. We’ve gone out a few other times before, but never caught anything. After fishing for about an hour, a falcon swooped down from the sky and grabbed a trout right out of the water. It was awesome.

Stereotypes... Stereotypes...

Scorpions get a bad rap. These guys will do everything possible to avoid stinging you. They arrived on Earth about four-humdred million years before modern humans, yet people go through great lengths to kill these them. Despite having been stung a few times, I love these guys. I relocated this one to the palo verde in…

Futbol season is here! Futbol season is here!

I went to my first professional soccer match yesterday. Phoenix Rising vs Sporting Kansas City. It was the most fun I’ve ever had at a professional sporting event. Free parking at the mall down the street, $4 16oz craft beers served before the start, food trucks with carnitas and a roudy but friendly group of ultras…

Sometimes... Sometimes...

I get free fancy drinks and food thanks to my wife bringing the hustle.

¡Feliz Dia de San Valentín! ¡Feliz Dia de San Valentín!

This stuff is delicious. It’s like a Mexican V8.

It's Alive! It's Alive!

Finally getting my shit together in regards to this truck. Got it up on the ramps in preparation for the transmission install. I was worried I had let the engine sit too long as she hasn’t been fired up in over a year. Took a bit of coaxing, but she’s purring like a kitten. I was pretty shocked at how well it ran…

Pub Dog Pub Dog

Old man caught napping on the comfiest spot in the house.

Late-Nite Oppo, Alaska edition Late-Nite Oppo, Alaska edition

From the time I spent hiking in Alaska quite a while ago. I think these pics were taken on a Razor flip phone. I saw a lot of moose, and heard a Griz. Thankfully nothing tried to eat me.

Hiking and History Hiking and History

Hiking and history are two of my favorite pastimes. When exploring a new area, I always look up the local history and legends in order to better connect myself with the land and to increase my cynicism of America as a whole . I’m a first generation Arizonan, so my parents were never really able to relay to me the…

Late Nite Oppo, desert edition Late Nite Oppo, desert edition

Me and my doge in the desert. The kiddos were off making sand angels and playing with scorpions.

Late Nite Oppo Late Nite Oppo

Picture of a preteen I witnessed drinking a Heineken in Venice circa 2009.

My old SV650  My old SV650 

I found out that my wife had saved a bunch of my old digital photos in her dropbox. Some of them go back to the early aughts. Pretty cool discovery. When I was in college I bought a salvaged ‘03 SV650 and added some interesting customizations to it. I dailied this thing for for years, and finally sold it after getting…

Pizza and pub rooms Pizza and pub rooms

I made some pizza tonight. My tomato plant is still going strong in our 75F+ degree weather so I made the sauce and dough from scratch. Doges for your time.

I heard Oppo likes yellow convertibles  I heard Oppo likes yellow convertibles 

Anyone else cruising around in a yellow convertible today rocking out to Suicidal Tendencies?

Whoa. Whoa.

The wife and I were driving into Phoenix from the Superstition Mountains when this appeared in the sky. We had no idea what it was at the time so it freaked us out a bit. Apparently it was a Space X launch? Pretty damn cool looking. Superstition sunset for your time.

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