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Suits and coyboy boots Suits and coyboy boots

Picked up a used set of Dan Post burgundy boots for cheaps to wear with my suit for a friend’s wedding. The finish was in a bit of rough shape, but a quick polish cleaned them up nicely. Went well with my navy suit. Supper was brisket, beans and potato salad, so footware/food synergy was in full effect. I shamelessly…

New tank art New tank art

I experimented with some brush on acrylic paints, trying to find a red that was similar to Honda’s old school red. Turned out a bit too orange, but I think it looks rad. Still have to clean it up and clear coat it. 

Joop, kitten rated. Joop, kitten rated.

I’m raising this kitten to be a camping cat. First trip was a success.

Goodnight, Oppo. Goodnight, Oppo.

Did my best to stay the hell away from a mall today. Spent the last two days in my happy place with the coyotes, scorpions and snakes.

Good News! Good News!

After a courteous, yet direct, email, my dealership has decided to replace my radiator free of charge! To catch you up, my wife’s X1 had the radiator replaced under the 100k mile CPO warranty at around 94k miles in January. Car set off the low coolant warning within two months, but the dealer told me there were no…

Yeah, she’s staying. Yeah, she’s staying.

Have a good night Oppo. This new found cat just cuddled up into my armpit and fell asleep. Looks like she’s a keeper. My daughters have named her Freyja.

Kittening intensifies Kittening intensifies

My sister found this kitten outside her house. She was headed out of town, so she asked if I could take ot to the Humane Society for her.

Oppo PSA Oppo PSA

The Never Ending Story is on Netflix. Act accordingly.

BMW drama BMW drama

Here’s a weird one for everyone. My wife’s X1 had the radiator replaced under her CPO warranty last January. Two months later, it lost enough coolant to set off the warning light again, so I brought it back in, with a few hundred miles still left on the warranty.

Breakfasting. Breakfasting.

I’ve put together some interesting dishes the last few days. First up is a nopales Spam scramble. Nopales is a type of paddle cactus. Goes great in eggs, burritos, or by itself. Has a fairly nuetral flavor, and a very pleasant, firm texture.

LA Right Now LA Right Now

I don’t think the fans at the game even gave a shit whether the Dodgers won. Sounded like a home game for Boston. I hate both these teams, but LA has absolutely no heart.

Another Mass Shooting

Pittsburgh shooting: Casualties at Squirrel Hill synagogue

Buenas noches, Oppo. Buenas noches, Oppo.

This is his second favorite couch.

I heard you guys like old motorcycles I heard you guys like old motorcycles

I was able to get a cool clip of me wringing the bike out a bit. I think the carbs are dialed in pretty well now after the baffle install. I stuck the phone in the front pocket of my vest. Got a cool shot of my shadow, and somehow the phone edited out the wind noise after a few seconds.

Compare and Contrast Compare and Contrast

One of these vehicles can hit triple digit speeds, while the other is yellow.

Hit 10k miles on the old girl while sussing out some issues today. I installed some baffles on her, and she’s now pulling much harder through the midrange and is cruising a lot smoother at partial throttle. I used a cheap set of baffles off Amazon.

Awwww...... Awwww......

Mama and baby swerp. I relocated them to my palo verde so they can continue to defend my house against vermin.

Pro tip Pro tip

Don’t buy Amazon fuel line. If it quacks like IV tubing, it probably is IV tubing. Thankfully, I was able to stretch said tubing from the left carb to the petcock and make it home.

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