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Bunday Evening Open Thread

Welp.... that’s it for my vacation and for Heat Week. I know I’m less eager than ever to get back to work tomorrow.... how ‘boutchyu?

Caturday Evening Open Thread

I’ve been busy today trying to catch up on stuff for work that went down while I was gone all week.  What’ve you been up to today?

Good Morning

We’ve finally come to the weekend portion of Heat Week..... how will you be spending your Caturday?

Can You Name A Country?

Only been back in the US for about 12 hours, but this pretty much sums up my feelings about dealing with people here again so far.

Good Morning Good Morning

Almost there. Just have to sweat it out through one more day.

Thursday Evening Open Thread

One more day to go. Gonna make it?

Wednesday Evening Open Thread

You’ve made it to the halfway point! How’s it going?

Tuesday Evening Open Thread Tuesday Evening Open Thread

How did you beat the heat this Tuesday?

Good Morning

It’s Tuesday again.... and hot. I’m sure everything will work out great!

Monday Evening Open Thread

How’s it going, kids? Everything fine?

Good Morning

Welcome to Heat Week. Are you excited for a whole new week of work? Not me! Which is why I’m getting the fuck out of here to Bermuda! See you suckers later this week!

Bunday Evening Open Thread

That’s it for Spooky Stories Week. All ready to get back to work tomorrow?

Caturday Evening Open Thread

So how was your spooky Saturday?

Good Morning

Wake up! It’s Caturday! Whaddaya have planned for the weekend?

Good Morning

How’s your Spooky Stories Week going? All ready for the weekend? Just gotta get through today. Speaking of spooky stories.... at least your job isn’t this (which I suppose goes along with that gif of the Joker after slicing off his own face.)

Thursday Evening Open Thread

Long day. What’s up with you?

Independence Day Open Thread

How did you celebrate FREEDOM today? Fireworks? BBQ? TV and naps like me?

Tuesday Evening Open Thread

I didn’t do much of anything today. How about you?

Check Out All His Majesty

Hit the translate button for even more fun!

Good Morning

Owl be having a light day day today for the most part. How about you?

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