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It's The End of the Week Open Thread

Just sitting here waiting for to get started on the weekend. What’s up with you?

Thursday Evening Open Thread Thursday Evening Open Thread

I’ll be happy as hell when this week is over. How’s yours going?

Wednesday Evening Open Thread

It’s the 30th anniversary of the Murphy Brown premiere today. What else has been going on with you?

Time For More Artificial Inspiration From Inspirobot Time For More Artificial Inspiration From Inspirobot

I was watching this AI-generated Ted Talk earlier which reminded me that I hadn’t visited the Internet’s best source of nonsensical and occasionally profound wisdom in a while. Here’s a slideshow of some new stuff to help you get through the rest of the week.

Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Today was a long, slow, stormy Tuesday here. How was yours?

Tuesday Morning Open Thread

Hey! Wake up! It’s fucking Tuesday once again, and time to get back to it.

Monday Evening Open Thread Monday Evening Open Thread

Hey... what’s going on?

Monday Morning Open Thread Monday Morning Open Thread

Just one year of love dog, is better than a lifetime alooone! What’s up?

Sunday Evening Open Thread Sunday Evening Open Thread

The weekend’s over. Time to go back to work. THREE DAY WEEKEND MEANS NOT HAVING TO WORK TOMORROW!!! Any big plans for your bonus day off?

Caturday Evening Open Thread Caturday Evening Open Thread

How’s your weekend going so far?

Caturday Morning Open Thread Caturday Morning Open Thread

Any big plans for the weekend?

Friday Morning Open Thread

I can barely contain my excitement about it being the end of the week.  How about you?

Thursday Evening Open Thread

It ended up being a busy-ass birthday, but I did manage to catch the final IMAX show of Bohemian Rhapsody. Now it’s time for cocktails and some mindless TV. What’d you get into today?

Wednesday Evening Open Thread Wednesday Evening Open Thread

This was a busy ass day. How you doin?

Election Night Open Thread

Polls are starting to close up in ‘Murica, and soon we’ll have some results. Did everyone get out and vote today?

Election Day Open Thread

It was just two short years ago when we were here on a Tuesday celebrating my birthday and also watching some sort of election thing. And now it’s morning Tuesday in America again. Make sure you go out and vote today! (and pick up a present for me on Thursday while you’re out.)

Monday Evening Open Thread

How’s everyone tonight? My day started off rough, but Ghost inadvertently provided me with the opportunity to expose one of the most toxic assholes on all of Kinja, which was mildly entertaining and made things a bit better for a few minutes.

Monday Morning Open Thread

Remember, remember the 5th of November to get your ass up and back to work now that clocks have changed again! If you don’t feel like celebrating Guy Fawkes Day then it’s also National Love Your Red Hair Day and, curiously, National Doughnut Day for the second time in the year.

Bunday Evening Open Thread

I’m tired and not in the mood to work tomorrow. How about you?

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