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Caturday Evening Open Thread

What kind of fun did you get into today?

Good Morning

SURPRISE!! It’s Caturday again! Now leave me alone. What’re you up to today?

Celebrating Mr. Rogers

Today’s Google Doodle is one of the most elaborate that I’ve seen and even comes with some history and behind-the-scenes information about its creation.

End of the Week Morning Open Thread

Just need to make it through today. What’s up with you?

Thursday Evening Open Thread

Hey there! Whatchya doin’?

Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Today was a bit strange for me. How was yours?

Tuesday Evening Open Thread Tuesday Evening Open Thread

(insert your obvious joke about how these guys look like they’re about to release this year’s greatest album here) So how was your Tuesday?

Tuesday Morning Open Thread

Day 2 of Domesticated Animals Week. Be careful of Tuesday things out there today.

Monday Evening/Elvira's Birthday/Emmy Night Open Thread Monday Evening/Elvira's Birthday/Emmy Night Open Thread

So how was your first day of Domesticated Animals Week?

Monday Morning Open Thread Monday Morning Open Thread

Try to contain your excitement about going back to work, but you can still be jazzed out Domesticated Animals Week!

Sunday Evening Open Thread

Excited to get back to all the fun of work tomorrow?

Caturday Evening Open Thread

So the hurricane didn’t turn out to be much of anything at all here besides some clouds making for a rather enjoyably uneventful day. What’d you get into since it was very quiet around Backtalk?

Saturday Morning Open Thread Saturday Morning Open Thread

Greetings from inside the storm. What’s up with you this weekend?

Friday Morning Open Thread

Wake up! It’s almost the weekend, but you still need to stay alert til the end of the day. I’m waiting on weather. What’re you up to?

Thursday Evening Open Thread Thursday Evening Open Thread

So what’s up with you?

Wednesday Evening Open Thread Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Find yourself anywhere exciting today?

The "Where's Owl?" Morning Open Thread The "Where's Owl?" Morning Open Thread

Hurricane prediction changed a bit during the night for me. What’s up with you?

Tuesday Evening Open Thread

The insanity surrounding this hurricane is some of the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever seen with one of these.

Good Morning Good Morning

Rise and shine, Backtalk! It’s time once more to bask in the glow of a whole new, glorious Tuesday! Plus, it’s the 9/11 anniversary! What signs and wonders do you think you’ll experience today?

Monday Evening Open Thread Monday Evening Open Thread

What’s going on, kids?

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