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‘sup? ‘sup?

Good morning, Balkers! How’s your week?

Morning Morning

Some people consider this Wednesday. But, oh no, not Snax.

Happy...Wednesday? Happy...Wednesday?

Especially on a Wednesday.

Morning! Morning!

I’m obviously confused about what day it is. Obviously.

Morning, Balkers Morning, Balkers

New fire brewing here. How’re things with you?

Good morning Good morning

I swear I saw a morning post here earlier. I thought Kinja was all messed up. But I guess there really wasn’t one.

Here’s to Wednesday Morning Here’s to Wednesday Morning

Let’s raise our glasses and all say thanks that at least it’s no longer Tuesday.

Theme of the Week: Sports Stars! Theme of the Week: Sports Stars!

This week we will be celebrating sports stars new and old, near and far.

Hi! It's Wednesday! Hi! It's Wednesday!

I’m awake. Are you?

Good morning! Good morning!

Happy Wednesday, folks! Hopefully we all have the day off. For reasons.

Hi. Good morning. Hi. Good morning.

It’s early. Who is bright eyed and bushy-tailed?

Goooood Morrrnninnnnnnngg!! Goooood Morrrnninnnnnnngg!!

Oopsie! I guess it’s Wednesday.

Happy Wednesday Morning to You! Happy Wednesday Morning to You!

How’s the week treating you?

Happy Sunday! Happy Sunday!

Good morning. I’m sleepy.

Hope everyone has a chill Wednesday  Hope everyone has a chill Wednesday 

What’s the up these days?

Here We Go Again Here We Go Again

Who’s with me?

Rise and Shine, Balkers Rise and Shine, Balkers

Ready to greet the day?

Goooooood Morrrrrninnnnng Goooooood Morrrrrninnnnng

How is your week? Any big plans for the end of it?

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