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Thigh Warmers?

Does anyone know of any good knit/crochet patterns for thigh warmers? Not regular knee or thigh-high leg warmers, but some sort of knit construction that’s only meant for your thighs. I want to make some for my mother because she says that’s where she’s most sensitive to the cold (a side effect from an old…


This song started playing at work today, and a woman came up to yell at me about the playlist because “THIS RAP MUSIC IS OFFENSIVE.” That was right before she declared that “[she doesn’t] have to listen to this!” and stormed out.

A Guide to Visiting the Discworld

Other folks have posted the news about Sir Terry Pratchett's death. This io9 chart came up while I was googling for more info, and it seemed like a fitting thing to share.

Shoe poll

Help me make casual shoe decisions, please.

I just saw the weirdest Tom Corbett ad I just saw the weirdest Tom Corbett ad

It was Say Yes to the Dress. A political ad in the form of a wedding dress reality show. No I am not shitting you.

Remember Mae Jemison? Remember Mae Jemison?

Mae Jemison was a BIG. DEAL. when I was in grade school. I feel like she must have gotten equal billing with Sally Ride in the early/mid 90s, but these days it seems like everyone's forgotten her. My school had a book talking about experiments she did with plants or something like that.

Should I make breakfast/dinner?

It's 2:00 in the morning. I somehow managed to not eat lunch until 5:00 PM (and it was a small lunch), and then had some frozen yogurt around 9:00 PM, with every intention of making a semi-real dinner when I got home... but nope. Didn't happen. So now it's 2AM and the parents aren't home and my brother's asleep and…

Have you Nothing Much To Do? Have you Nothing Much To Do?

(Warning: Long post filled with shameless plugging ahead)

You are old.  Make sure you feel it. You are old. Make sure you feel it.

There's a nifty little site going around that tells you all sorts of horrifying statistics regarding your age.

"Son, be a dentiiiiiist...." "Son, be a dentiiiiiist...."

Guess who just played this while subbing as the receptionist of an actual dentist's office?*

Article on Class at Columbia and Barnard

One of my facebook friends (who goes to Columbia) posted this. It makes a ton of great points about class and labor on college campuses, and treating those who make sure the lawns are perfectly manicured with respect.

Powerpoint HELP

[Update: A temporary fix has been found! If you have any idea how the weirdness started in the first place though, please share.]

Did NuKinja happen?  Have I been left behind? [TIME TRAVEL] Did NuKinja happen? Have I been left behind? [TIME TRAVEL]

[Edit: I DON'T KNOW WHY THIS POST FINALLY SHOWED UP. I wrote it months ago, but then Kinja refused let me post anything until I manually switched to NuKinja, at which point it just sat in my drafts folder gathering dust, not being published. Was there a timestamp issue? Is that what happened? I DON'T UNDERSTAND…

Check out #2 and #11

Aka. The Giving Tree and The Lorax on this list of banned books.

A Most Pleasing Quiz! A Most Pleasing Quiz!

Which TV Detective Are You?

New Divergent Factions

aka the HEIGHT of my sparkling wit. In a small but amusing hashtag, people have started thinking what other vague adjectives could get turned into a dystopian separatist community. Todd in the Shadows started off the evening:

Well hey there

If you would like to talk to me away from the GT, here is the place to do it!

Well hey there

If you would like to talk to me away from the GT, here is the place to do it!

(Mis)adventures in social media (Mis)adventures in social media

So I got a call from this guy who's coordinating a conference I'm going to, and to my surprise, he didn't sound like the schlubby middle-aged guy I always imagined him to be!* No, instead this guy sounds young and nice and kind of hot.

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