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HELP ME!!! (Update: She Responded!) HELP ME!!! (Update: She Responded!)

UPDATE: She responded and it’s... It’s the perfect distillation of why White women running this industry will change absolutely nothing.

I Was Today Years Old....

When I finally fucking realized I just have to hug myself. 

WAHHTTT?!?!? That was amazing. WAHHTTT?!?!? That was amazing.

So you know how your hulu auto plays? So New Amsterdam is a medical show on NBC. And it starts going in the background. And I’m kinda watching it, cause I’m really working. And then IT HAPPENS.

On Oprah, Gayle and Aunite

So I guess people on twitter are really into thier feelings about now Oprah not wanting to be called “Auntie”. And specficially in regards to Oprah I thnk people are making it something deeper than what it actually is.

I'm so tired...

Buckle up y’all.

Ugh. Humanity. Throw it Away. Ugh. Humanity. Throw it Away.

Full Disclosure I have not watched this whole video. But what I want to talk about is the footage from 1:45 - 4:00.

I'm Not Really Sure What I Watched TBH. The Perfection on Netflix (A Martha Review)

So it’s like, Allison Williams is sitting in a room with a dead body.


Update Update: Ok here is a photo of the full dress!

Rich White School is Lit: Chambers on Netflix S1 Ep 2 (A Martha Review)

So when we last saw our heroine Sacha, she briefly lived every WOC’s conundrum. She turned into a white girl named becky. On one hand, white privilege but then like no melanin, which mmm. No Jesus, because my skin pops so hard in the summer. So she’s going to this super rich white school and doing lots of rich white…

Motivation Motivation

This is a reminder that a little motivation. A teaspoon of talent, an advocate and some money can really take you so far.


I AM SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!

My One And Only Royal Baby Related Post

I have made a personal moratorium on speaking about Meghan Markle. Mostly because the conversations go nowhere. But for the record, she was always a mediocre actress on an ok tv show eclipsed, rightfully, by her better. She was going on to be biracial Goop, until her BFF did the damn thing and she secured the ultimate…

Insomnia Is So Bad Guys

All I wanted to do was sleep and then I couldn’t and now I have to get up and face the day, and I don’t know if I can.

Can A Bitch Lose Her V-Card In Peace Tho? Chambers on Netflix Ep 1 (A Martha Review)

Meet Sacha like every red blooded American teenager before her, she’s just trying to lose her virginity, kick it with her bestie, and graduate high school alive. I feel you bitch, that’s real shit.

Special on Netflix and Jane The Virgin

Special on Netflix is very good and almost a little too relate-able, but I am surprised in that every episode is the length of a Youtube video? I think it needed some other writers to expand it into a true blue half hour dramedy.

Dem Thrones Dem Thrones

No spoilers.

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