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Fantasy Football Names; Ranked

My best I think is Ballsby Danglin. What are the best you've seen? (Curtis is disqualified).

The Wage Gap Is Destroying Fantasy Sports

Look, I like fantasy sports just as much as you do. It’s fun, it’s free, it’s a great opportunity to talk shit to friends and strangers alike. But the income inequality (wage gap) is destroying our sport.

We're the Gawrker Staff: Let's Chat!

We’re generally not busy, and we’re starving for content, so it must be Wednesday. Leave your questions in the comments and if we are sufficiently amused by your handle we MIGHT answer them!

Gawker Is Gone

And I really wish they took Curtis Wenis with it.

The Worst Tweeter of 2016: The Final Results The Worst Tweeter of 2016: The Final Results

Guys, this was painfully close. After three months of excrushiating competition, we have a winner in at least one of these brackets. Believe it or not, it’s that guy who always drops into our mentions to hit on an atheist. Send your congratulations to @Curtiswenis. You earned it buddy.

The Worst Tweeter of 2016: The Full Bracket The Worst Tweeter of 2016: The Full Bracket

Since bracket season seems to be back in full swing, I too have undertaken a scientific study of the worst of the worst—but this time, it’s for the Worst Tweeter of 2016. After many hours of exhaustive research, I present to you a bracket with the top 6 seeds (there’s so many bad ones out there; easier to keep it…

ROUNDUP: Your Ten Best Kitten Bowl Names as of Lunch Time IMO

Here they are, folks. I'm disqualifying myself because it's all about ethics in roundups (and mine wasn't all that great). I can't get the headline to work (fixed).