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Initial Dream Garage? Initial Dream Garage?

Thought of a new frame for the Dream Garage thing. A garage with a car for each letter of you initials. just for varieties sake least say the letter has to be the model of car not the make. So mine are SCH.

DOTS: spotted by my Mom. DOTS: spotted by my Mom.

My mom lives in Rhode Island and she sent me this horrible Civic this morning. She thought I’d like it. It makes me sad to see what was once a nice 3rd gen all cut up.


drove my Father in Law’s 2019 Ram 3500 and I noticed something odd. On the inside it displays the a truck with a Dodge crosshair grill.

Tacky: Defined Tacky: Defined

Looking for BMW Convertibles for reasons, I found this one. An e93 M3. And some tacky numb skull replaced the BMW badges with some round M badges.

Meme, and DOTS Meme, and DOTS

The meme

Tesla Model 3 Ute. Tesla Model 3 Ute.

Some one built a Tesla Model 3 Ute, Called Truckla. I kind of love it. There is also a longer video showing some of how it was built.

House Aqired House Aqired

Remember like a month and a half ago I posted about having a accepted offer on a house?

Useless Information of the Day. Useless Information of the Day.

Here’s a TDI bit of info that is probably useless to you.

Name That Car?! Name That Car?!

I found this little... yeah I’ll call it a hot rod, Altho it’s a modern interpretation, on FB market place. I love it. Looks sketchy, but also very, very, very fun.

I Desire This I Desire This

Looking for cool cars on the east coast I found this MGB GT. Normally a pretty cool car, one that interest me especially, because I love pretty much anything that is some sort of RWD hatchback.

DOTS: Miata Trailer! DOTS: Miata Trailer!

I saw a hero today, a man towing a small trailer with a red NB2 Miata.

All Convertible Garage? All Convertible Garage?

It’s summer, so let’s do some thing we haven’t done in awhile a “Dream Garage” challenge. For the summer theme this one is an all Drop top, True topless speedsters are allowed as well.

X 1/9 Content X 1/9 Content

Look at this magnificent, colorful, tiny, sports car.

Not Quite Not Quite

Found this on Craigslist.

Did I miss something? Did I miss something?

Edit: I hit the #cluboppenings tab without noticing and thought that was normal Oppo. I was very confused as to what everyone was on about.

The Toll Pizza Delivery Takes on a Car The Toll Pizza Delivery Takes on a Car

I noticed today that one of my employer’s priui has suffered an odd injury from being a fleet car. Now these cars have the typical fleet damage, they are dirty, every price of interior the drive can touch is worn and dirty. There is plenty of exterior cosmetic damage for rushing/careless drivers. But check this out.

The Cars Of Final Bout 2019 The Cars Of Final Bout 2019

Here’s all the pics I took at Final Bout. Lots of spectator’s cars here too.

NP or NP RX7 NP or NP RX7

This 84 RX7 is the brownest car ever and I love it.

Final Bout 2019! Final Bout 2019!

It’s coming up in just 5 days! I’m going for just Saturday. I know Grey Duck is coming any other Mid West Oppos coming? I’m looking at you Long Voyager.

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