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Car Pictures Car Pictures

random ones should be something for everyone here

Corvair Turbo Corvair Turbo

The factroy turbo set up on a Chevy Corvair. It boggles the mind.big ol hot air intake

I Love These Wheels I Love These Wheels

Found these on a Japanese auction sight. If they were a set, instead of a pair I’d be trying to get them, but two cool rare wheels don’t do much good unless you just want them as garage decorations, or you have a 3 wheeled vehicle and don’t care if the back wheel doesn’t match...

NP or CP Patrol  NP or CP Patrol 

Looking for Datsun Roasters I found this not LC, not Jeep. Nissan Patrol.

Anyone Want a Lightly Used AWD Conti? Anyone Want a Lightly Used AWD Conti?

Found this on CL today. a 2018 Conti 2.7 AWD with 14,000 miles for 38k. For reference thats 8k less than a barnd new base model MSRP.

Got a New Sticker.  Got a New Sticker. 

I decided to get a sticker to celebrate Fiona’s 1 year anniversary. I’ll have had the e90 for 1 year on the 26th. I got this one because I can’t afford to be in the Manual Gearbox Preservation Society. Seriously I love their stuff but 12 bucks for one sticker is nuts. And that doesn’t include shipping either.

A Nice Man Is Restoring a 2m4 Fiero.  A Nice Man Is Restoring a 2m4 Fiero. 

And he’s putting the story on YouTube. I’ve only watched the first two so far, but I like them. No flash, no glamour. Just a normal guy restoring a neat car on a budget.

Meme (Circa 2009) Meme (Circa 2009)

Found this one on a FB memory, a buddy of mine had just gotten a Crapvalier so I had to rag on him a little bit.

Meme Meme

On the subject of the Z4rpa not having a manual trans

Goals AF* Goals AF*

*sans roof

Hell Yes Hot Wheels Hell Yes Hot Wheels

IDK LALDC has covered this already but look at this magnificent piece of Hot Wheels gold. Actually by weight it might be worth more than gold. they are going for 40 bucks on Amazon right now. (just found one for $17 may have to snag it)

Anyone had Experience with PreFab Garages?  Anyone had Experience with PreFab Garages? 

So I went and looked at that house that I mentioned yesterday. I haven’t been inside as I’ll have to wait to go with our realtor for that(we lucked out that our preferred realtor has dibs on this listing), but the house is vacant so I drove down the driveway today, and yesterday just to get a feel for it, and measure…

5 Years Ago 5 Years Ago

I was still foolishly hopeful about Elio motors. I wish they would have to put it into production as a motorcycle instead of wasting millions on lobbying. 

It's So Beautiful  It's So Beautiful 

manual, wagon, with the cold weather package (heated steering wheel,and mirrors), panoramic sunroof, a hitch, and 70k miles. all for just 10 grand... with a salvage title whomp whomp.

Design My RallyX Coarse Design My RallyX Coarse

So my wife just sent me info about this house. It’s a 1800sq/ft, 3 bed, 2 bath, with a 2 car garage, and 15 acres, and its almost in “budget”. As a bonus the house if only about 3 years old. So basically its everythign we both want/need. I edited the image just to make it a bit less likely for be reverse goolge-able.

BMW Parking at it’s Finest  BMW Parking at it’s Finest 

I dont think requires much explanation. (Edit that’s my car)

The difference between 150lbs and 210 The difference between 150lbs and 210

i also added a wife, a mortgage, and a kid, and I’m not even 30 yet. I also learned how to “get a haircut you damn hippy” 

OppositeLock Daily Drivers OppositeLock Daily Drivers

An accurate representation

SNES Classic SNES Classic

I bought one of these systems last week and it was delivered yesterday.Yes I know there is a newer version with a case that actually looks like a SNES, but his one is cheaper.

Horrendous Wheels, and the Perfect car for them  Horrendous Wheels, and the Perfect car for them 

looking for wheels fro the Rabbit on CL I found these early 90s monstrosities.

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