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DOTS Wedding  DOTS Wedding 

Went to a wedding yesterday, saw this in the parking lot at the reception.

Final Bout Cenrtal Stage  Final Bout Cenrtal Stage 

Mark your schedules mid west Oppos Fial Bout is coming! May 25,26th.

DIY Mountain Bike Fenders?  DIY Mountain Bike Fenders? 

So Amazon and AliExpress are both full of MT fenders like these.

New Wheels!  New Wheels! 

Just bought my first decent mountain bike! And the second brand new bike I’ve ever owned lol. It’s a Rocky Mountian Fusion 30.

Literal Barn Find 928 Literal Barn Find 928

Any one want a manual, 928 project? It’s only been sitting for 20 years, how bad could it be?

Spring is Just Around thee Corner Spring is Just Around thee Corner

I’m setting the goal now to have the Rabbit back on the road by the end of May.

Pop Pop Boat? Pop Pop Boat?

I’d never heard of these before tonight, but it’s a neat little machine. Super simple concept and a fun thing to do for just a few bucks of material. I definitely want to build a couple with Jonah this summer.

An Objective Truth An Objective Truth

Right way vs Wrong way

NP or CP.  NP or CP. 

Check out yellow Solstice GXP. The turbo veriant of the Solstice making 260hp out of the 2.0 ecotech.

DIY Snowskate DIY Snowskate

With all the snow we’re getting I wanted to buy an snowskate. Jonah has been riding down just a board on the snow bank behind our house, and I bought him a kids snowboard at a thrift store today. I wanted to be able to have fun with him, but my feet are too big to ride down on just a skateboard, I need more width or…

This is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Seen This is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Seen

This work of art speaks for itself

Tow Hook Twins Tow Hook Twins

Some one at work has my car’s cousin. I’m not sure yet who’s it is, but I like that they’ve been parking next to me.

Had a Fun Night at Wirk Last Night.  Had a Fun Night at Wirk Last Night. 

So to give you an idea of how much I like my new job, I called my boss on a Sunday morning to see if the closing shift that was open had been filled.

R E D (also CL find) R E D (also CL find)

The world needs full color interiors again, with cars losing their soul, losing their character. With electric cars, and autonomous and more shapeless exteriors, fill color interiors could breath life back into cars.

New Job is Going Well New Job is Going Well

4 days into mundane new job and it’s going pretty well. If you missed it about 2 weeks ago I got fired, and on Monday’s I got a new job delivering for a local restaurant/pizza place. It a great job for me, and the pay so far has been great, making minimum+tips and the worst if done so far was 10/hour for tips.

Breaking News  Breaking News 

All Non turbo Saabs are not actually Saabs . According to this ad. Which states that it’s the Turbine that makes it a Saab.

Home Made RV Home Made RV

This home made RV looks like an absolute death trap and I want it.

This Thing is Nuts This Thing is Nuts

This guy built a Tesla powered 81 Honda Accord funny car and I love it.

A Case for Kei Car in America A Case for Kei Car in America

I believe that Kei cars have a place in America. The super small, super efficient, and super cheap, cars could really help people here as well as improve overall fuel consumption numbers.

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