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Staying healthy when working with kids 

Since the end of August I’ve been working with kids doing behavioral intervention. Since then I’ve been sick 3 times, and it usually lasts at least a week, sometimes up to 3. I usually only get sick once or twice a year and it’s usually pretty minor. I think part of the blame goes to the fact that parents still keep…

Suggestions for where to buy developmental and skill building toys for cheap? 

I just started my new internship, and I’ll be working with children with developmental delays. I’m going to be getting the opportunity to do individual behavior intervention and I need to start building my kit. Our agency does have a pretty well-stocked toy cabinet, but because there are so many interventionist you…

I bought a car! I bought a car!

I’ve been thinking about buying a car for a few years, but I had been trying to put it off till I graduate in May with my masters. However, after learning how much driving I’m going to be doing for my internship, I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it.

Alumni Events?

The social work graduate association that I’m a part of wants to work on strengthening our relationship with alumni, and we want to hold some events that would draw them in. So I need suggestions!

Fundraising & Social Event Ideas?

I need help with two types of events. Fundraising and Social.

Where to have customized merchandise made? 

I’m in grad school (MSW), and part of the board of the student association for the program. We are trying to expand the customized merchandise we have, and are looking for places to buy from. Do any of you have recommendations? Also, any recommendations on what kind of merchandise appeals to people aside from the…

What to pack? Road Trip/Solo Traveler 

On Sunday I’m leaving on a two week solo road trip, and I need advice on what to pack. I think I have most of the obvious and basics down, but I feel like there must be something I’m forgetting. What would you make sure to pack? Any comforts of home I should make sure to bring?

Things to do in Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver BC?

I’m going on a solo road trip in a few weeks and I’ll be spending 2 days in each of the above cities. Any recommendations of things to do?

Introducing Cosmo! Introducing Cosmo!

I got a new puppy!

Please send positive vibes Please send positive vibes

My little pup Kamora is really sick and needs all the good thoughts coming her way. I just got back from the vet where they told me she’s anemic and they aren’t sure why. She’s getting a blood transfusion, but they say that she could die. She was fine just two days ago so this is a shock to me.

What are your go to holiday gifts? 

I don’t really have the time or energy to spend on gift giving this year so I need your ideas.

Hair dryer suggestions needed

I’m in need of a new hair dryer and I would like some suggestions from you lovely people.

When someone does you a favor

Do you just say “thank you”, or do you give them a gift?

First day of field placement 

Today is the first day of my MSW field placement and I’m really nervous and excited. I’m going to be working at a mental health recovery agency and I’m not sure what to expect.

Last day at my job Last day at my job

Today is my last day at my job and I’m feeling more emotional than I thought I would

I'm at the Adele concert! I'm at the Adele concert!

I’m so close to the stage, it’s going to be awesome! I’m here alone so I’m trying to kill time.

Flats & Sandals

I need some recommendations for flats and sandals.

Help me start wearing dresses

I’m leaving my job to go to grad school and this seems like the perfect time to start dressing how I really want to. I’m 26 and I’ve never really been a girl who wears dresses, but I would like to start. I want dresses to become part of my regular wardrobe and not something I just wear on special occasions. So, I have…

What commercial is this? 

Someone described a commercial to me and neither of us can seem to find it.

Let’s talk about various TV shows

I’ve been watching a lot of different shows lately and I just want to talk about them. Instead of making a separate post for each show, I decided to just make one post with different comment threads to discuss each show. Please add your own!

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