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Feldercarp Feldercarp

Coming back from my daughter’s swim meet, my tire blew out on I30. I had to drive a bit to pull over safely, and I hope the rim isn’t damaged.

Necessary car shopping

Still looking for an Acura for my sister. Her birthday is in 2 weeks, and I want to get her that Integra to counteract the minivan that is slowly sucking her soul. I can’t find a good one though, so now I’m looking at RSXs. This one is near her in Indy, and my dad went to look at it. It looks clean, although it needed…

Gourmia 6500 reviewed Gourmia 6500 reviewed

I like me a nice cappuccino once in a while, but I rarely get one because reasons. So, my wife surprised me with this little gem at Christmas, and I’ve been using it since.

If you think you had a shitty day... this and think again. My sister-in-law brought this to my attention. Kinda wish she hadn’t. So, of course I had to share it with you.

The best thing about Valentines Day... The best thing about Valentines Day... 70% off chocolates the day after. Who’s with me?

Keep Oppo Fleck Keep Oppo Fleck

On my playlist this morning. Doncha love when a song you haven’t heard in a while pops up?

A glitch in the Matrix

1. While driving my daughter to school, I saw the same gray Sonata across from me in the turn lane in the same position as yesterday. I has its right side running LED strip burned out.

Turned out okay Turned out okay

Had some left over pizza dough in the fridge. So I made a s’mores pizza with buttered graham cracker crumbs, semi sweet chocolate chips, and marshmallows.

Why I hate crossovers Why I hate crossovers

Pictured: not the kind of crossover I’m talking about.

Choose your starship Choose your starship

Putting away the Christmas tree ornaments. You can choose any of the displayed ships to be your one and only space daily. Choose wisely.

I Am Your Father I Am Your Father

Being sick, I was scrolling through Netflix and came across a little documentary called I Am Your Father. It’s about the life of actor David Prowse, centered around his involvement with Star Wars. Though kind of somber in tone, I found it worth watching. The film maker always thought Prowse got screwed by not being…

Twinkies Twinkies

They don’t have to be imported. You can have one right now. And they taste better.

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