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Got Pi for my birthday Got Pi for my birthday

My girls made me this cannoli cake ringed with more cannoli. My daughter had the idea of putting my age as pi times a factor to make 51. This means she mathed voluntarily. On purpose.

Renewing my driver license Renewing my driver license

The state’s birthday present to me.

Happy Easter! Happy Easter!

He is risen! And so was I, at about 9:00 this morning. Now that my kid is older, I get to sleep in a bit. The day is beautiful, Mass wasn’t too crowded, and now I’m getting some work done while my girls are in the kitchen making my “surprise” birthday cake for tomorrow.

Good afternoon. Good afternoon.

Saw this at my Kia dealer this morning. One of the techs and a middle aged guy I assume was the owner were under the hood admiring.

Oops Oops

I made a mistake due to poor reading comprehension.

Birdbrain Birdbrain

This fella got comfortable in my garage last night. Scooby was very interested in his movements, and I didn’t want to find a crime scene in the morning.

Proctoring am exam. AMA

Waiting and watching for the next 45 min. 

Implant surgery. Implant surgery.

We can rebuild him. We have the technology.

The A220 is two for two on this trip The A220 is two for two on this trip

I’m siting I’m the runway while they shut down the engines for a restart and reboot. This is the second flight in a row now where the pilot has told us the electronics need a reset.

Rented a car at LGA Rented a car at LGA

The guy told me I could have anything in lot 3. There were a bunch of white and silver Sentras, and then there was this.

About to fly in a Delta A220

It’s shiny and new and feels like most planes. AMA, and I’ll answer when I land. 

Neat Neat

Got to chat with the owner:

I mended something  I mended something 

Our Maytag dryer died this week. Through the magic of the internet, I looked up the F01 error code, and learned it was a bad main electronic control board.

Closest thing to a worm hole.  Closest thing to a worm hole. 

This was fascinating. We were at the park today. You go into this container, and inside is a bare lounge with the entire back wall a screen. That screen is a live feed of an identical container lounge in Mexico City with people wandering in from their city park. The idea is you can sit and talk with people from…

Sweet ride! Sweet ride!

Out and about on St. Paddy’s Day.

My university may have screwed me out of a lot of money My university may have screwed me out of a lot of money

This could be bad, and I’m not sure how it will shake out. Last Fall, I ended a collaboration with an investigator at another university by mutual agreement so I could save the grant money I was paying him to use on other projects. the grants person in my administration supposedly executes the paperwork to modify the…

Which would you choose? Which would you choose?

This was in this spot when I went into the grocery store.

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