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Deposit Made Deposit Made

Called the place and put the deposit on the Chimaera

Deal Made

Anyone want to buy a nice GTO?

Oh God Oh God

I made an offer on a TVR Chimaera

V Tail is Best Tail V Tail is Best Tail

1958 BEECHCRAFT J35 BONANZA for $44,500 which isn’t a bad price for a very clean aircraft. Just needs tip tanks because I am obsessed with Learjets and tip tanks are the bees knees. Also 40 more gallons of fuel = better range.

Oppo Rally: California Oppo Rally: California

Ok people more work has been done to make the first California Oppo Rally happen. Went to a few points I had made via Google maps to make sure they were worthy. Crossed a few off and even added one I just happened to run across. My car has been having some stupid vibration I can’t figure out, so we took the Mommy…


SInce I don’t know much about the TVR 2500M I was doing some research and came across this wonderful Petrolicious article about them and now I want one even more.

Want of the Day Want of the Day

This beautiful 1973 TVR 2500M for sale on BAT

Process Started  Process Started 

Ok Oppo. I am doing it.

Weekend DOTS Weekend DOTS

I am absolutely in love with the Defender. A 110 double cad is my dream truck and this one is a rhd, red, SV turbo diesel!!!! Be still my heart

Life is a Thing We Do Life is a Thing We Do

But mine is being annoying right now, so post images of your favorite TVR cause I love them and I want to buy one. I am trying to buy one.

Thoughts and Plans Thoughts and Plans

Oppo, in the coming months I think I will clean up and sell my beautiful 2006 Pontiac GTO

Shameless Self Promotion Shameless Self Promotion

Part of my “Doing Something Stupid” series


My nearly ultimate dream car is for sale

I love You Kinja! #sarcasm I love You Kinja! #sarcasm

Now I can’t reply to comments... I did the usual clear history and cache and try other browsers, but nothing.


The same Miata I took to Radwood NorCal, my buddy is letting me borrow indefinitely till my GTO is fixed. It sure is quite a hoot to drive.

Getting the Shaft Getting the Shaft

New Camshaft that is

I am Going to do Something Stupid I am Going to do Something Stupid

It's from 1979 and is choked by smog, but its loud and the price is beyond perfect. So eat my shorts Oppo, I don't give a fuck about common sense at this point. I have shop space to getting it running. I just wish it was a 400 and a 4 speed instead of a 403 and an auto.... 

Hairdresser Content Hairdresser Content

So as some of you know I borrowed a Miata to drive to Radwood NorCal

Hungry Hungry GTO Hungry Hungry GTO

Apparently my GTO decided that the cam and lifters were too tasty to pass up on. I can’t believe how pitted overy lobe and lifter are and how much wear through the hard face there is.

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