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I Am Back I Am Back

From the old world. Write up coming soon. Much beer was consumed and all the tunnels noise made in!

Eagle Rally Eagle Rally

Well Oppo tomorrow (5/9) I leave to the UK to start the Pub2Pub Eagle Rally. Sadly the GTO has not sold, but she will be up on BAT soon. This means I haven’t had the chance to buy my own TVR, but I will be co-driving with the event organizer and friend Ben Coombs in his TVR Chimaera.

Beach Car Show Beach Car Show

This weekend was the Morro Bay car show. After doing some light wrenching on a friend’s mom’s husband’s 57 Chevy pickup (no pics), my buddy and I went. Quite the amazing selection of vehicles.

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Weekend Fun Weekend Fun

Last weekend I went down to LA to meet with IM to do some office furniture shopping because he is in a new office and some reason his team doesn’t like the ratty old furniture. So after some interesting shopping we went to find some car shenanigans.

Saturday Drive Saturday Drive

My buddy and I took his Miata for a drive that took us through all but one of California’s climates.

It Is Gone!!! It Is Gone!!!

The Aprilia finally sold!! For far too little money, but fuck it it is gone!

Classic Cars are Always the Answer Classic Cars are Always the Answer

I am really jonesing to finish my Healey project.

Mushroom Rally 2019 Mushroom Rally 2019

Thank you to ImmoralMinority for the ticket to this really fun event

Interesting Weekend Interesting Weekend

Starts off with personal stuff too... that isn’t good, but some was. So you’ve been warned.

Proprietary Bose Proprietary Bose

As some of you know I bought an Audi A6 Avant. If you don’t then read those posts and see how much I love it.

Longroof Love Longroof Love

I went to a go kart event at K1 Speed in Torrance thanks to a ticket from ImmoralMinority (that report coming soon). SO naturally I took the new beater wagon to see how she’d do.

Spotted in Natural Habitat Spotted in Natural Habitat

Oppo please welcome the new to me 2004 Audi C5 A6 Avant

Beater Car: Update Part 1 Beater Car: Update Part 1

Thanks to TFritch I can now drive like an ass and significantly raised my ranking in Fuccboi

Oppo Hive Mind Oppo Hive Mind

I am looking for 3' x 5' sheets of cooper. Our regular supplier is out so I figured I would hit up the hive mind and see if anyone has any contacts in metal.

CA Oppo Rally: Update CA Oppo Rally: Update

Was talking with ImmoralMinority about something else and classic car driving came up and I realized I haven’t updated much on this event.

Continuing the Trend of Bad Ideas Continuing the Trend of Bad Ideas

Next up is something likely to give me a nice yellow light

Crisis Level: 11 Crisis Level: 11

Alfa Romeo GT Junior 1300 Stepnose - 1969 - Giallo Ochra - LHD (1969)

Oppo Help *updated* Oppo Help *updated*

Getting my flights for the Eagle Rally 2019

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