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You Are All Wrong You Are All Wrong

It is National S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day)

Weekend Report: Reno Weekend Report: Reno

Snow is biased and discriminatory against two wheel drive cars. That doesn’t mean you can’t show it who is boss!


What is this crap?!

Reno Oppos Reno Oppos

Going to Reno this weekend and I was wondering if there would be any Cars n Coffee or good show this weekend.



Vintage Spa

Saw this instagram post and wanted to know more. Found this great youtube video.

I Should Not

Have looked at the C5S6Avant hashtag on instagram


2002 Audi S6 Avant!! V8, manual and awd wagon. If I can’t have my V10tt Rs6 C6 Avant here in the US for a while, then this would be a great alternative.

Body Work Body Work

The GTO is in for paint at the body shop. Getting her cleaned up before I can really sell her.

Damn It Damn It

I just really want a big and powerful Audi estate

*Nervous Pacing* *Nervous Pacing*

Depression has been killing my motivation, but I have very little time to sell the GTO and finish buying my TVR. I finally submitted an ad to BAT. Fingers crossed it sells for what I need it to. Also read below

Highly Suspect Highly Suspect

Just recently found this band. I think I found my new favorite band and so far my favorite song by them.

Things Suck Things Suck

Personal story buffer : relationship stuff

Am Bored Am Bored

Work is slow (as it always is on Saturday... WE SHOULD BE CLOSED!),

3D Prints 3D Prints

My boss got his son a nice 3D printer for Christmas, so they made me a TVR Sagaris. Funny the downloaded print information has the power bulge on the wrong side and the wing wasn’t printing right, but it is fucking cool and I love it!

Senna's Secrets Finally Sent Senna's Secrets Finally Sent

Hope you like it recipient and enjoy Christmas Extended.

Mt. Baldy Drive Mt. Baldy Drive

On Monday instead of helping my family set up for our Christmas Eve dinner I “stole” my sister’s car and went and grabbed my friend and took CA-39 up to Mt. Baldy for lunch and just had a blast.

Received Secret Senna Received Secret Senna

The package came without knowing who it is from, but THANK YOU for the freaking awesome selection of aeronautical swag. Stickers, mug, and 2 keychains. This was a very cool surprise.

Finally had the Motivation Finally had the Motivation

GTO is officially listed

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