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Life is a Thing We Do Life is a Thing We Do

But mine is being annoying right now, so post images of your favorite TVR cause I love them and I want to buy one. I am trying to buy one.

Thoughts and Plans Thoughts and Plans

Oppo, in the coming months I think I will clean up and sell my beautiful 2006 Pontiac GTO

Shameless Self Promotion Shameless Self Promotion

Part of my “Doing Something Stupid” series


My nearly ultimate dream car is for sale

I love You Kinja! #sarcasm I love You Kinja! #sarcasm

Now I can’t reply to comments... I did the usual clear history and cache and try other browsers, but nothing.


The same Miata I took to Radwood NorCal, my buddy is letting me borrow indefinitely till my GTO is fixed. It sure is quite a hoot to drive.

Getting the Shaft Getting the Shaft

New Camshaft that is

I am Going to do Something Stupid I am Going to do Something Stupid

It's from 1979 and is choked by smog, but its loud and the price is beyond perfect. So eat my shorts Oppo, I don't give a fuck about common sense at this point. I have shop space to getting it running. I just wish it was a 400 and a 4 speed instead of a 403 and an auto.... 

Hairdresser Content Hairdresser Content

So as some of you know I borrowed a Miata to drive to Radwood NorCal

Hungry Hungry GTO Hungry Hungry GTO

Apparently my GTO decided that the cam and lifters were too tasty to pass up on. I can’t believe how pitted overy lobe and lifter are and how much wear through the hard face there is.

GTO Update GTO Update

Well as I said my GTO was making a terrible noise. And now we know why

Fucking Cars Man Fucking Cars Man

Went out to my car to run across town to pay rent and grab some lunch and my GTO is making a terrible noise. Like just awful. But I had to run my errands and so I did. I feel so bad putting her through that. I drove it into the service drive at work and my GM service advisor looked at me with great concern and asked…

Sad Day Sad Day

Burt Reynolds, one of my personal heros, has passed away 

Oppo Leander Oppo Leander

Can I have some cash please?

Sprite Content Sprite Content

Photo dump because I want to finish mine and maybe rally spec it, because duh!


Incase any of you are interested in my ramblings 

Up Up and Away Up Up and Away

In this lovely Cessna 172

Two Wings Good Two Wings Good

I scheduled my first flight lesson for this Sunday!

Need More British Need More British

I want to turn my stupid Aprilia well the money from selling it, Seriously guys, someone please buy it!, into an off roader. And being British and constantly making “poor” vehicle choices I have decided I need a P38 Rang Rover for my Overland rig. I have loved this body style since they came out when I was a kid.…

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