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Awards! Awards!

Of course, it’s always nice to get recognition for your work. Today, we had our Embassy awards ceremony and we both got awards! There are 2 levels of awards (smaller for single things or larger for sustained efforts or larger results) and group/individual awards. I got an individual higher award and a group higher…

Early Sunday Morning OT

How is everyone doing this Sunday morning?

Happy Saturday Morning! (and OT)

Good morning to everyone in the US! It’s been a productive Saturday here on the other side of the world, so I hope you’ll keep in my footsteps. Or not, because I’d also rather be napping right now.

A story told through fabric A story told through fabric

Just kidding, there’s no big story... But there is a lot of fabric. I went on a trip with other Embassy people to a region that has ‘the best’ pottery and ikat fabric. Since I’m on my way out, I’ve been buying ALL THE THINGS. All of these are hand dyed, but I think only a few are hand woven. The fabric here had much…

Allow me to vent for a moment.... Allow me to vent for a moment....

I know this is something that a lot of people can’t relate to.... because this ‘lifestyle’ seems to have a lot of things that others can’t relate to. But that doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

Help me look like an adult!  Help me look like an adult! 

It’s that time again.... Marine Ball time! I’m wearing my ‘backup dress’, which is the same dress from last year, but in a different color. I have the opportunity to get dresses made here for a very reasonable price, but i just couldn’t figure out what might look good on me. (If you have dress ideas, feel free to…

Travel, Cheesemaking and the future, oh my!

Greetings lovelies! I’m checking in for what seems to be my bi-annual post. Everything is good here in the Uz. Except, you know, it annoys the shit out of me everyday. However, I did find a place I like here!

Sunday Recipes Thread!

Hey all lovelies! Long time, no see. I’m just taking it easy, chilling here in the Uz, waiting to go on vacation in a week (to SPAIN!)

Since it's a raining Saturday evening...

In Tashkent, I figure I can do an AMA of sorts. I know some GTers have expressed interest in certain topics (FOOD!) but if you have any questions about living in the Uz, I am certainly willing to answer!

Greetings from the long lost

Just wanted to pop in and say greetings from the (cold and rainy) Uzbekistan! I haven’t been around in a while due to busier work and a self-imposed news/partial media ban. Basically, Trump is depressing and the anxiety of reading the posts here wasn’t helping.... so I did the Adult thing and chose to bury my head…

I got my gown! And other mundane things I got my gown! And other mundane things

I got my gown in! I look a bit different in it, but I think it’s pretty (even though BellaFella thinks it looks like his grandmothers curtains).

So Jax ran away this week.... (But we found him) So Jax ran away this week.... (But we found him)

So we had a 5 day weekend last weekend. Thanks to local holidays plus US holidays, it was glorious. I had to put in some OT on Monday, but that’s OK. So Tuesday was setup to be a great day. Tuesday is mail day.

Musings from The Uz and Cat Conundrum Musings from The Uz and Cat Conundrum

Time for Random Thoughts from The Uz:

I need help with work clothes....

I am in need of work clothes and I am coming up short. I got some cute dresses and a few more pairs of pants before I came here, but coming from nothing to a few pairs isn’t quite filling out my wardrobe. I don’t mind wearing the same pants every single week, but I’d like to have spares and variety.

Checking in from the Uz: Day 28. (and Open Thread)

So I’ve now been here for 28 days and somehow it feels longer and shorter all at the same time. Here are my (random) thoughts on living here, starting a new job and other things:

Just popping in to say hello!

It’s a wonderful weekend here in the BellaDella household! Within the next week, we are departing for the Uz. I’ve been lurking and commenting on occasion, but I’ve kept most of the crazy to myself. People have been going through some hard stuff around here and my complaining about packing just didn’t seem to be…

I got an award today.... I got an award today....

I ‘graduated’ from my training today and got the Distinguished Honor Graduate award out of my 10 person class. It was voted on by my classmates and teachers. Wooo! This also means I get a cash award at work. I’m also the only female in my IT class. So even better.

My wedding happened.... and it was AWESOME My wedding happened.... and it was AWESOME

So as you have seen a bit lately, I had been apprehensive about some parts of the wedding. I knew it would all come together, I had accepted that it would be a smaller wedding, but things still go wrong at the last minute.

Nails!! OT

So while I sit here and wait to attend my final wedding meeting (via phone) and see the light at the end of this logistics tunnel, let’s talk about nails!

It's Wedding Week.....

So the week of the wedding is upon us. Most details have been sorted, except for a few very important ones.

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