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2017 EXXXpense Report 2017 EXXXpense Report

Since all of you were so good last year. I have a “present” for you, TAY. I’ve heard your demands for more spreadsheets and more data. My inbox has been inundated with requests. I appologize if I haven’t gotten back to you. This year, in addition to my normal EXXXpense Report for 2017, I’ve compiled data on every.…

TAY Theme Week: There is No Summer Game Drought! TAY Theme Week: There is No Summer Game Drought!

After pouring over video game releases dating back to the turn of century, I’ve come to the following conclusion: The idea of a “summer video game drought” ‘tis but a myth!

Xbox Design Lab Originals Xbox Design Lab Originals

Xbox Design Lab allows you to create a custom colored Xbox One controller. It’s been around for about a year, but now they have a new contest called “Originals.”

EXXXpense Report 2016 EXXXpense Report 2016

It’s that time of year when I open up my books to show what kinda games I’m buying, and how much I save/fail to save. Come in and take at a look at how this year compared to last year. There’ll be more spreadsheets…

Summer Bugs 2016 Summer Bugs 2016

This is some kinda spider with her victim.

Summer sunrise(8-6-16)

Relaxin' Rabbit Relaxin' Rabbit

My fiancé noticed this rabbit chillaxin’ in front of our place.


This is year two of the Exxxpense Report, which means that I have some data to compare. Was 2015 more expensive than 2014? You’ll get to look at spread sheets to find out…

Exxxpense Report: 2014 Exxxpense Report: 2014

This is the first year I've kept track of my purchases and credits like this. I'm happy with the format so I'll be keeping it for 2015.