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Pool cleaning. Pool cleaning.

It isn’t green anymore, but still needs work. But I needed to clean the filter ahead of the storm that is rolling in. It is supposed to rain hard, and then I will be traveling for work. Santa Barbara Wednesday night, Monterey Thursday night.

This is so cool This is so cool

Some samples of what the new shop is sending me they are going to replace struts & towers in front, idler arm, and do an oil change. He says I have a small oil leak that he said to wait until we have to do something that has us tearing it down more.

Something must be wrong with me Something must be wrong with me

In a week, I will be in Italy for a 10 day vacation in a tour with my family.

Some Cressida Content for your Sunday Some Cressida Content for your Sunday

I took her for a spin around the corner because I don’t like any car to sit too much, but she isn’t quite roadworthy enough for regular use.

Good Morning Oppo from Toby Good Morning Oppo from Toby

I think Toby is a handsome boy.

OppoConfession OppoConfession

I am most upset that I have to spend my money on some boring shitwagon instead of making the kid’s T Bird’s 429 Thunderjet crush his enemies, see them driven before him, and let him hear the lamentations of their women (if they can hear it over the straight pipes).

My life without Sunchaser My life without Sunchaser

I let it speak for itself. This was my Saturday.

Kick in the Nuts Kick in the Nuts

I am having lunch at my local bar and grill, and I get an awful phone call.

Ok Peter, you get your 2 wheel content Ok Peter, you get your 2 wheel content

Pulled the exhaust off the Vespa to see what blew last week. All the exhaust and gasket parts were in good shape, thankfully, because customer service for hand made Italian exhaust is nonexistent.

Doggo Amusement Doggo Amusement

He is persistent.

Feeling a little silly Feeling a little silly

Robert Shaw was so fucking cool.

New cell phone photos New cell phone photos

No Sunchaser. Hopefully worthy substitutes

I got an S9+: AMA

It came by FedEx yesterday and I activated it today. I like it. My wife just switched from iPhone to Pixel2+. She is happy, and likes it better.

Feel for me Oppo Feel for me Oppo

No Sunchaser this weekend, as it is in the shop.

Toby did not want to get up today. Toby did not want to get up today.

Sunchaser is headed to the shop this morning, and I am getting a new phone (it arrives at the office yesterday). I hope you have a good Friday ahead of you.

A true cat story. A true cat story.

It predates Pumpkin. I had a cat named Charlie who was a bad ass who fought and defeated neighborhood cats over multiple homes in our rental days. The first house we owned was on a cul-de-sac, and he kept all cats out. Think was significant, because our other cat at the time, Trouble, had a big attitude that he could…


Pumpkin was here.

I am trembling with excitement

I found a really good shop for the Sunchaser and Cressida work. The owner started out as a Toyota specialist over 35 years ago, and old Celicas like mine were his “bread and butter” for a long time.

I am flaking on this day; AMA I am flaking on this day; AMA

I am going to the office briefly, but otherwise, fuck this day. I had a bad day yesterday, got almost no sleep last night, and have had it with everyone’s bullshit.

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