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Good morning Good morning

I like the early mornings. As the weather gets warmer, I have my coffee out here with Toby and usually Pumpkin (she kind of orbits all the time). Toby follows me everywhere.

Goodnight Oppo

I kinda want these. My kids are 15 and 18. It is not for them.

X1/9 update X1/9 update

Today’s task as soon as I am done at the office is ordering parts for phase 1: Mechanical:

This day has not started well This day has not started well

Thass busted. It made an awful noise when I started it. Hi Dee ho.

Attorney musings [UPDATE] Attorney musings [UPDATE]

I have been doing this for a while, and have been successful enough that I do not have to take all the work that comes my way. Most attorneys would appreciate this circumstance.

Handsome fellow Handsome fellow

An excellent travel companion.

I am in Bakersfield I am in Bakersfield

Having dinner. I speak tomorrow at a workplace safety conference. The topic? “Anatomy of a Workplace Fatality.” Summary: Lock out if you want to live.

Springtime Sunchaser Springtime Sunchaser

Today’s trip to Temecula was roundabout.

Road trip planning Road trip planning

The weather is glorious, so I am taking the 6 hour scenic route to Temecula with Toby. The wildflowers should be gorgeous in the desert. First left will have me skirting the foothills along rural Hwy 65.

Guilt Guilt

You shouldn’t have left me at doggy day care. How could you?

Ski day Ski day

Toby doesn’t know that he is going to doggy day care today. It is his first time and I worry that the other doggos may not be nice to him. He is a sensitive boy.

Plans and such Plans and such

Tonight, my 15 year old son and I head to Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite. Toby will be joining us.

X1/9 update X1/9 update

This seems to be the place for parts.

Meaner than a junkyard dog Meaner than a junkyard dog

 I have an excellent driveway.

Today's route. Today's route.

This adds about 30 minutes to going highway, but I zoomed in on why.

Good Morning! Good Morning!

Great day yesterday, time to go home. I wore Toby out.

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