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Workin' from home; AMA Workin' from home; AMA

I screwed up my own calendar, because I am an idiot. I thought I had a cardiologist appointment today, but it is Wednesday. I am punchy because I was out late volunteering to work the beer stand at the Metallica concert. (Marching band fundraiser) I am working from home. I just wrote a side letter that not only saved…

Why do you torment me? Why do you torment me?

I could buy one of these and stash it at a friend’s place without telling my wife...

Anybody like Harry Nilsson? Anybody like Harry Nilsson?

This has been stuck in my head all day.

My heart of stone was moved My heart of stone was moved

The nature of my work is such that most of what I hear about myself is negative. I have built my business dealing in what are essentially radioactive labor disputes. What press I get is usually negative, and many folks I meet don’t view me warmly. I have even lost some friends over these things. It isn’t pretty, which…

I need help Oppo and offer driving songs in trade I need help Oppo and offer driving songs in trade

Have a great driving song per my offer.

Merry Christmas, Oppo Merry Christmas, Oppo

My office Christmas party is tomorrow.

My baby is home My baby is home

Dropped off the TBird, so progress begins.

Toby just because  Toby just because 

He knows he is not supposed to sit on that couch.

Some lawyer thoughts on the law Some lawyer thoughts on the law

Yesterday, I was in mediation for 11.5 hours

An odd one today

I have to go to a mediation in a rare plaintiff case. We are representing a group of women who were sexually harassed and cheated out of their wages. It is a good case, and potentially worth a lot of money. Not what I usually do, but potentially a 7 figure pay day for our clients.

Poor baby Poor baby

Max is having a bad afternoon. We are at the vet who is seeing us as an emergency. They are nice here. Max is very upset. He only loves our other kitty Kirby, and refuses to come inside under any circumstances. He thinks humans are generally assholes and tries to avoid them whenever possible. On rare occasions he will…

Mah Sunchaser is fixxxed!!!

Some bullshit about my upgraded headlights drawing too much power so they had to do a sounds like mechanic-speak for “we fucked around with it until we got it to work, but who knows? See ya next month!

I bought a thing (HELP!) I bought a thing (HELP!)

What the hell was I thinking?

Good Morning Oppo Good Morning Oppo

Sunrise in LA. Toby and I are having breakfast with a lawyer who used to work for me and going home.

Radwood review Radwood review

I have not downloaded the few pics that I took from my DSLR, and I may not bother to post them. I did not enjoy the show, so I have little enthusiasm for the shots I took. It has nothing to do with the Sunchaser, in fact, the one good thing was that the venue made me very glad I did not bring my car after all. It was…

Good morning Good morning

We are being lazy.

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