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Today is Radwood! Today is Radwood!

This is the view from the hotel room.

South San Francisco South San Francisco

Open your golden....landfill. This place is actually being transformed, but it still says "The Industrial City" on the hillside in giant letters.

Someone is Hijacking me Someone is Hijacking me

Please do not assume it is me, even if it looks like me. I flagged this guy, but it is worrisome.

This should be a fun weekend This should be a fun weekend

I got up early to clean the Sunchaser and get ready for Radwood. It is nice to see almost everybody home and operable.

Sunchaser is Go for Radwood Sunchaser is Go for Radwood

I am so happy to have my car back.

Orange means it's faster Orange means it's faster

I bought this new “racing” ignition coil and spark plug wire because the one I recently installed has a bad habit of working its way off the plug, causing sudden loss of ignition.

Vespa today and Sunchaser tomorrow Vespa today and Sunchaser tomorrow

Good news! The Sunchaser should be repaired and in my hands tomorrow - plenty of time for a leisurely drive on Saturday to Radwood with Toby. If you see us on the way, be sure to honk and wave.

Check out the Celicas

Looks like I may be losing one of my best employees to a big firm in LA. Bright lights, more money. Not much I can do. Too bad, though. She is a good one.

Good Morning Good Morning

Yesterday was terrible. My staff totally dropped the ball, and left us looking totally embarassed in front of our client. It was bad, and I was as mad at my people as I have ever been. But I have to let it go.

This may be the one that gets me [DIAGNOSTIC UPDATE AND PHOTOS] This may be the one that gets me [DIAGNOSTIC UPDATE AND PHOTOS]

According to the local shop that is doing the timing chain, oil pump, and water pump on the Sunchaser, at some point in the life of the car, something that attaches to a sprocket came loose inside the car and caused some kind of damage that they say can only be fixed with a new engine.

Good Morning from a shoebox Good Morning from a shoebox

This is the smallest hotel room I have been in, at the Hampton Inn on Mission in San Francisco.

Good Morning, Oppo Dads! Good Morning, Oppo Dads!

To entice you into clicking this post, it starts with cuteness and concludes with a Vespa wrenching question.

Father's Day Cars & Coffee is small Father's Day Cars & Coffee is small

But some cool cars. No Sunchaser, but newly repaired Vespa and Toby are on the scene.

Victory! (And some cool cars) Victory! (And some cool cars)

My Vespa lives! I left cardiac rehab today after a shitty morning determined to breathe life into this machine. One of my most valued employees got an offer from a bigger firm for a lot more money back in SoCal where her family lives. I think I offer more intangibles, but this much money is hard to turn down.

Kneel, puny humans Kneel, puny humans

Pumpkin is feeling better these days. I think she was being tormented by fleas as the warm weather came on, because we treated her with Advantage II and she seems much better.

Fresh out of ideas Fresh out of ideas

After replacing the broken exhaust and cracked spark plug, it ran beautifully...until yesterday.

This should be interesting. This should be interesting.

I have to go to Salinas todat, but this is a new one on me. (Kind of). I have been retained with respect to a union organizing cannabis production, and I am doing a walk through of the greenhouses and trim shed, and meeting with the client on initial strategies. This is the first time for me to see commercial cannabis…

Il Dolore Il Dolore

I rode my Vespa to cardiac rehab today after taking it to the office. Started like a champ.

Good Morning

TORC posted their Toyatafest gallery. Spot the Sunchaser!

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