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Soo... Will there be a Neo-Modal Nodes?

Going to bed now...

Have I told you how much I love Bravest Warriors?

Look what I found on Kotaku! It's Napalm Man's stage remixed in the style of the Sega Genesis! [fine... I'll stop posting Megaman music after this....]

http://www.dni.gov/index.php/about/organization/global-trends-2030 Has this been posted on io9 yet?

Fiiiiine, I'll watch Utopia. The Observation Deck convinced me...

Modal Nodes is my favorite.

Is anyone reading this?


My girlfriend and I have a New Years Resolution to watch every episode of the Simpsons. To do this we have to watch 2 episodes a day, though we'll probably powerdisc through a couple seasons if there's a slow weekend. We finished season one a couple days ago... I always avoided watching it because I had it in my head…

What are the best games for the Kindle Fire?

Protoman's Theme

I think I'm hungry...

I want a Megaman X anime so badly.