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Guess What I am Doing Guess What I am Doing

So my junkyard 22re that I need to swap into my 4runner came with a clean title, 33x12.50s, factory AC, decent interior and a bunch of Lucas-grade electrical gremlins. Oh, and rust.

Look! My unfinished livery for some Jalop contest of past Look! My unfinished livery for some Jalop contest of past

When looking for photos and inspiration for paying clients, I often stumble upon fun stuff that I just ended up not having time to finish. Damn bills.

Barn Non-Find (Still Work) Barn Non-Find (Still Work)

I found myself in Nodak doing work. Fucking awesome 4th of July god damned American work (I still bitched, my #1 American job). We all knew they were both in there, but neither had been moved in 20+ years. Yes, we got better ratchet straps. Yes, of course that is a 350. Yes, it was bittersweet.

Win a Ride in the a Self-Driving Car Win a Ride in the a Self-Driving Car

CDOT is putting on a contest to win a drive in a self-driving car. I am the lackey that had to post the form, so I am sure I am not eligible. However, all you opponauts are. Well, if you live in Colorado, are above 18 and blah blah blah.

So I accidentally Bought another Motorcycle So I accidentally Bought another Motorcycle

Welp. I did it again. I could not pass up a bargain and have another vehicle for the fleet. Oh! And I just quit my job of 9 years without another in place or a plan really. But I have this now:

Fuck Beer Fuck Beer

Welp- I missed Carnage on Larimer again. How come every month on average I get invited to 25 micro-brew tours, 12 happy hours and 8 foodie dinners, a few art shows and a few pick up games but ZERO car shows? Cant we combine happy hour and car shows? Oh right....that was Carnage on Larimer and I missed it. Motherfuck.

Garage Art Garage Art

Cool pic I found of my lemons car and almost lemons car

Any Welders in Denver? Any Welders in Denver?

So- long story short, my MIG welder was stolen a while back and I have not replaced it because I rarely have use for a welder. However, of course, I flipped the U-bolts on my 4runner and now I need to weld in some shock mount tabs. Super easy, I have the tabs, just no welder. Friend of mine has been a flake about it…

Buying car parts via Amazon (a Review) Buying car parts via Amazon (a Review)

After taking the ole’ truck out for a spot of fishing a few weeks ago, I decided my old ass first gen 4runner needed to ditch the lift blocks. I bought some lift leaf springs via Amazon (prime bitches). A ubolt flip kit and a set of weld in shock tab mounts. Cool..finally can get that knocked out.

39 Chevy sedan 39 Chevy sedan

The fam wants to move this chevy out so I told them I would post it up here to get some looks and maybe some extra info. Everything is in good shape and is complete. The Nova swap is top notch. I really want to take on this project but I really don’t know too much about these and have too many half finished projects…

Colorado Concours

Hey ya’ll out in Mile High (not the bronkoz) country.....don’t forget about the Concours d’Elegance

Any LeMONS Gear for sale/rent in Denver? Any LeMONS Gear for sale/rent in Denver?

Any Jalop out there have any used LeMons gear for sale? Fireproof suit, boots, gloves for a 6’ 170lb duder.

Floating rotors, OH MY! Floating rotors, OH MY!

Oldz can now stop, now to work on GO. Who wants to help rebuild a 394 Rocket?

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