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A Rental Car Dillema Only Oppo Will Understand - Help Me Decide A Rental Car Dillema Only Oppo Will Understand - Help Me Decide

So, next weekend - Memorial Day weekend - a few friends and I are road tripping from NYC, to a friend’s place in Cape Cod, MA. After analyzing all our choices, renting a car [read: large SUV] is our cheapest (and most fun) option. Being the car lover of the group, I jumped on the opportunity to pick & drive the…

Pennsylvania Driving Roads? Pennsylvania Driving Roads?

Going on a road trip and looking for suggestions.

Final Prep Final Prep

Every year that I do one of these road trips, I learn how to prepare better for them. This is now the third iteration of what I expect to be a yearly ritual for me. So how do I prepare to drive a car home from a state far away?

Oppo, What have I done? Oppo, What have I done?

I bought something used, manual, and ITALIAN!

$750 for a 740 Turbo - The Roadtrip $750 for a 740 Turbo - The Roadtrip

Also a minor motion picture - watch on YouTube here!

I miss the mountains.  I miss the mountains. 

As much as I love my home in MN, it’s a frozen hellscape right now with no mountains. I need to get out west again.

Aircooled ROADTRIP!

We head out to drive and camp Highway 666 (191) to commune with the devil, as one does.

Road-tripped to CT over the weekend, picture dump Road-tripped to CT over the weekend, picture dump

Braved the frigid weather for an impromptu drive up to Connecticut. Went from South NJ up to Bridgeport, New Haven, Mystic and various other places over Fri/Sat/Sun.

80 degrees later 80 degrees later

Amazing what a difference a short 20 hour car ride can make.

Mountain roads Mountain roads

Woke up early, drove to the Holly Springs country store in Pickens, SC, to have breakfast with my buddy (biscuits with gravy FTW), now off to drive in the mountains.

This is Texas This is Texas

Or at least most of it. Nevertheless, I safely traversed the wasteland to arrive safely in Houston. This is my first road trip in the K900. Summary to follow.

So I'm at a thing... So I'm at a thing...

Some Radwood thing... In a 242 GT hiding in the back corner.

Car Camping Highway 666 in a 911. Car Camping Highway 666 in a 911.

It was about time we went car camping in the 911 again. It’d been 2 years since our 3500 honeymoon roadtrip.

 Jacksonville FL ideas  Jacksonville FL ideas

My wife wants to drive to visit family about 12 hours away. She wants to break up the drive into two shifts, which means spending the night in Jacksonville, FL, twice. I am trying to get excited about four days of driving for two or three days of visiting her family, and having something fun to do in Jacksonville…

Driving to Midland tomorrow Driving to Midland tomorrow

My son’s HS band is performing in a competition tomorrow in Midland and I’m going along to volunteer on the pit crew for the show. It’s a long drive, and it’s state or US highway the whole way. No interstate. Fortunately, the speed limit is 75 in most parts of rural Texas. If the band makes the finals, they won’t…

The Car That Made Me Want To Explore The Car That Made Me Want To Explore

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a fascination with inexpensive econoboxes. Now that I’m in the elite “over 40” club, nostalgia for the low-end vehicles from my 1980s childhood is through the roof. I can be commonly found at 3am, half-asleep, hunched over a glowing laptop displaying 100+ open craigslist tabs of…

In the Mountain in the Cloud In the Mountain in the Cloud

After driving four days on the Dalton it was abundantly clear that fall was coming, and coming fast. I had been down to Denali a week before to get some information, but the colors were not quite peaking yet so I decided to wait. What a sight that would be, Denali in the fall! I set up shop in Fairbanks for a few…

Allow Me to Introduce My New Tow Rig

1995 Buick ROADMASTER Estate!

Summer's End Summer's End

It’s strange how my brain processes time. When I was about to get to Alaska, like really get to Alaska, it seemed like it had taken forever. But now that I’ve been here for a few weeks it feels like I just left home.

Road trip Wednesday St. Louis to Austin.  Road trip Wednesday St. Louis to Austin. 

I’m headed to Austin, TX Wednesday for the WEC race. I’ll be commuting daily out west to the dam area where my cousin lives, so free accommodations! This’ll be my first time to Austin and I’ll have some free times Thursday and Friday. What to see or eat?

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