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The Sims 4 Players Who Are Being Haunted By Glitch Ghosts

In this week’s episode of The Save Files, we look at the ridiculous ways people have tried to exorcise ghosts in The Sims 4, a mystery within Binding of Issac, and the latest on Resident Evil 7's finger.

The Mystery of Fallout 4's Children of the Atom

In this week’s episode of The Save Files, we take a look at one of Fallout’s most outlandish factions: the Church of Atom. At first, everything about the Atom’s religion sounds completely nuts...that is, until you play the Far Harbor DLC.

Pokémon Sun and Moon aren’t out yet, but they already have all sorts of ridiculous conspiracy theories. Things get pretty wild in this second episode of THE SAVE FILES, a new YouTube show where we tackle gaming mysteries every week.

Nobody Knows How The Portals In No Man's Sky Work

Over the last couple of weeks, No Man’s Sky players have discovered a number of monoliths scattered across the universe. The structures look important somehow, like they are meant to do something, or perhaps trigger something. Except...they don’t.