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Making a Flip Book of a GIF of a Guy Flipping Through a Flip Book of Another GIF Is Genius

Reddit user Stupot McDoodle made clever software that could turn any GIF into a flip book by turning the frames of a GIF into easy-to-put-together squares that could be printed on paper. It’s a fun project—I mean, turning a bit of the internet into a physical object is weird and silly, but what’s even more fun is to…

Cats Acting Out Scenes from Star Wars and Other Movies Is Really Fantastic

Man, cats are so dang smart that they can pretty much replace actors in movies these days. I’m watching this wonderful scene reenactment of The Empire Strikes Back and I’m not sure I even miss the real Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker. Okay, I guess Darth Vader is still way more badass than any cat but the cat actor…

Short Film Brilliantly Edits Together Scenes From 53 Movies to Show People Trying to Kill Bruce Willis

Why does everyone want to kill Bruce Willis? Because Pierre-Alexandre Chauvat hilariously edited together 53 different movies to make it seem like various characters from movies like The Bourne Ultimatum, Pulp Fiction, Hot Fuzz, Mad Max: Fury Road and more are after one our favorite action heroes. Hell, even Iron Man…

Fantastically Funny Video Replaces the Audio of Planet Earth II Footage with Human Screams

Yeah, sure, replacing the noises that animals make with human screams is totally silly but, man, some of the edits of these scenes are really freaking good. Matt Amys took footage from Planet Earth II and then swapped out the audio with screams that are damn near perfect for each situation. Life is way funnier when…

Every Question That Was Asked on Westworld

Do you know how to make a TV show seem more mysterious than it actually is? It’s really simple actually: just make the characters ask as many questions as they possibly can. There’s no need to actually write dialogue, just keep distracting everyone with questions because if the characters don’t know what the hell is…

I Lost Track of How Many Car Crashes Happened in This One Snowy Intersection

It snowed in Montreal today and, well, things got kind of crazy on the road. I don’t know how many car crashes happened in this one wild intersection, but from what I can gather, the icy roads basically turned all the cars, trucks, and buses into giant sleds that all somehow crashed into each other.

Let's All Laugh at How Garbage CGI Was in the '90s

Even if there is too much CGI in movies these days (and there is), let’s be thankful that the CGI we’re bombarded with looks good. Or, at least, it looks so much better than the utter crap computers spat out back in the ‘90s. God, that era of CGI was awful. Diane Bullock edited together this clip of CGI footage to…

Silly Short Re-Imagines How Day Turns Into Night

Sure, we could blame the darkness of the night on the Earth’s rotation and the dang Sun and no more daylight savings time but where’s the fun in that? It’s much goofier to imagine a comically big space being called Mr. Night running around the neighborhood turning everything dark with the touch of his finger. Imagine…

Totally Absurd Video Shows the Opposite of What You Think Is Going to Happen

Drop a glass, it breaks. Put a fan to a house of cards, it’ll get blown away. Prick a balloon, it pops. That’s what happens in real life. But not in Preposterous, a hilariously absurd short from Florent Porta where the total opposite impossibly happens in completely random scenarios. So now the ground shatters into…

People Look So Silly When They Stare at Superheroes in Movies

It’s after a superhero discovers his powers and before that superhero faces off with the big bad guy that we get treated with a montage sequence showing our favorite superhero doing various good deeds all around the city while bystanders stand around and stare with their mouth agape.

10 of the Funniest Movie Scenes of All Time

When I watch a funny movie scene, I laugh. Sometimes really hard. Sometimes I might even remember the lines in a quiet moment of the day and chuckle to myself. But I’ll never think about those scenes as much as the folks from CineFix do. They dug really deep into the different methods films use to make us laugh and…

Silly Animation Reveals the Dark Secret Thoughts We All Have Randomly

It’s unfortunate that we all have to pretend that we don’t think evil (or even just slightly weird) thoughts in the most innocent situations. After all, the world would be so much more interesting if we just did what we secretly wanted to do (as long as it doesn’t hurt other people... too much).

Is This a Picture of Tom Hanks or Bill Murray? Is This a Picture of Tom Hanks or Bill Murray?

According to IMDB, Tom Hanks has acted in 81 movies in a career that started way back in 1980. Bill Murray has 83 acting credits dating back to 1973. That’s over 35 years in “the industry” together, and yet they’ve never appeared on screen together in the same movie. Hmm. Seems suspicious, right? Could it be because…

Movie Titles Translated Into a Foreign Language and Then Translated Back to English Are Hilarious Movie Titles Translated Into a Foreign Language and Then Translated Back to English Are Hilarious

Things can get lost in translation, especially when something is translated to a foreign language and then translated back to the original language. Like movie titles. The Czech Republic can really get loose and wild with the names for American movies, and finding out what some popular movies are called over there is…

Listening to This Dude Narrate His Scary Ride Down a Narrow Ridge Is Hilarious

Claudio Caluori is a hilarious mountain biker who’s scared of heights. So it’s pretty perfect to force him ride a wild course filled with narrow ridges, scary slopes, and insane jumps.

This Guy Makes Hilariously Absurd Video Yelp Reviews of Restaurants

Who knew that Yelp reviews could be art? Toothpix takes advantage of the 12-second videos that Yelp allows its reviewers to post on its site to create totally absurd short films about popular restaurants. It’s truly glorious.

Fun Video Hilariously Explains What All Those Random Symbols on Sheet Music Mean

This clever video by Julian Cianciolo explains how to read sheet music and is actually much more enjoyable to watch than you’d imagine, especially if you’re a musician who can read sheet music because you can probably understand all the deadpan explanations, layered in-jokes, and trombone quips.

Flushing Liquid Mercury Down a Toilet Is Spectacular

I really love this new video from Cody’s Lab about flushing liquid mercury down a toilet because it just gets more and more ridiculous as it goes on.

Cute Short Animation Shows What It's Like to Live in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a pretty easy city to stereotype. You’re stuck in eternal traffic on the 405 while wolfing down a burger from In-N-Out. Or you’re sipping green juice at a cafe next to an actor from that one movie. Or you’re listening to someone discuss their screenplay. Or you’re at the beach.

Silly Video Shows Every Jason Statham Kick in All His Badass Movies

Fun fact: Jason Statham has kicked more people than he has punched people in his movies. I’m glad that information occupies a part of my brain, and I’m so glad that I can share that with you so that it’ll take up a wrinkle in your brain now too.

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