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Senegal's M'Baye Niang Scores The Sneakiest Goal You'll Ever See

If you’ve never seen a goal like the one M’Baye Niang just scored for Senegal against Poland, you’re not alone. This is one of the most ridiculous and hilarious and brilliant stealth goals I’ve ever seen.

Cocky Millennial Busted By Bartolo Colon's Pick-Off Move

The Royals’ Whit Merrifield has 15 stolen bases on the year, and Rangers pitcher Bartolo Colon had yet to pick off a baserunner this season heading into tonight. In this case, one would think that the 29-year-old on first base would have the clear advantage over the 45-year-old on the mound. But that’s the problem…

Harry Kane Saves England With Dramatic 91st-Minute Winner Harry Kane Saves England With Dramatic 91st-Minute Winner

The first 90 minutes of England’s World Cup opener played out how many fans feared they would. Harry Kane easily found the back of the net in the first 11 minutes after a powerful John Stones header was batted right onto his feet, but England were brought back to Earth quickly. In the 34th minute, Kyle Walker left his…

Strong Teen Juan Soto Smacked The Hell Out Of This Dinger Strong Teen Juan Soto Smacked The Hell Out Of This Dinger

Juan Soto is 19 years old and has been in the majors for less than a month, and he’s already qualified as a Yankee killer. He followed up last week’s two-homer game in the Bronx by hitting this absolute dong during the resumption of a suspended game today in D.C.:

The Nationals Offense Is Junk, But They're Mighty Fun On The Bases The Nationals Offense Is Junk, But They're Mighty Fun On The Bases

The Nationals are depressing. After another disappointing loss Sunday afternoon they’re a ho-hum 37-31, having just been swept by the crummy and forgettable Toronto Blue Jays. They can’t hit the damn ball: they’re 10th in the National League in runs; they’re a miserable 11th in on-base percentage; none of the three…

Philippe Coutinho Rips A Mighty Golazo To Put Brazil Ahead Of Switzerland  Philippe Coutinho Rips A Mighty Golazo To Put Brazil Ahead Of Switzerland 

Mexico’s goal against Germany was satisfying, with the tidal motion of action suddenly surging the opposite way, and clean and purposeful passing, and a slick little first touch move followed by a sharp little strike. Lovely. But give me this here goal, from Philippe Coutinho in the 20th minute of this afternoon’s…

Tough-As-Nails Racehorse Falls, Nearly Dumps Jockey, Recovers, Wins

This happened at something called the ITM Frame and Truss Maiden Steeplechase, in New Zealand. What we’ve got here is a horse falling over on a jump, nearly dumping its jockey, improbably recovering, then blazing back from the dead to win the whole damn race:

Cristiano Ronaldo Caps Incredible Game With Incredible Hat-Trick Free-Kick Goal

Cristiano Ronaldo just played one of the best games of his life. He was outstanding throughout today’s Portugal-Spain match, holding up play like a champ, giving life to numerous counterattacks with ingenious flicks and passes, and, oh yeah, scoring three goddamn goals in what ended as a 3-3 tie. His best goal by far…

Morocco Lose On Soul-Crushing Own Goal In 95th Minute

Iran and Morocco were locked into a tense scoreless draw for over an hour and a half until Moroccan striker Aziz Bouhaddouz broke the deadlock with a brilliant header to the near post in the fifth minute of injury time. Unfortunately, it was past his own keeper.

Gigantic Basketball Tween Takes On Tiny Opponents And 8-Foot Rims, Leaves No Survivors

Here we have a highlight reel brimming with the exploits of Olivier Rioux, a 12-year-old basketball player who is said to stand at 6 feet and 9 inches. Since most 12-year-olds are not 6-foot-9, you can probably guess how this is going to go for Rioux’s poor opponents:

Bark In The Park Event Goes Sideways When Very Good Dog Spots OH MY GOD ARE THOSE BASEBALLS!

A peaceful Bark in the Park event at the Dodgers’ Double-A affiliate took a turn for the better when an almost impossibly good doggo saw that the humans were throwing baseballs left and right out there, with none of his fellow four-legged buddies stepping up to do the dang retrieving:

Jason Heyward, Of All People, Finally Got To Josh Hader Jason Heyward, Of All People, Finally Got To Josh Hader

Listen, it is illegal to exhibit any sort of excitement about a potential bounce-back from Jason Heyward until he actually finishes a full season with an OPS over .800. I’m sorry, but that’s just the law, and it has been the law ever since he convinced everyone that 2017 was going to be his big comeback year thanks to…

Florida Returns To College World Series Thanks To Auburn Outfielder

Austin Langworthy will be credited with the 11th-inning walk-off homer, but it came with an assist from Auburn outfielder Steven Williams:

Boss As Hell Baserunner Steals Home In Tie Game With Trip To College World Series On The Line

The Auburn and Florida baseball teams are meeting in a Super Regional contest tonight, the winner of which will head to the College World Series. Nice high stakes, there, which makes what happened with two away in the bottom of the fourth inning all the more bitchin’:

The Sound When These Two Men Smash Their Dicks And Balls Together Will Stay With You Long Into The Night

This happened in the seventh inning of Saturday’s Mariners-Rays game, with a runner on first and the Rays holding a 6-3 lead. It was a clutch, inning-ending grab, but it came with great, great sacrifice:

Of Course A Yankees Batter Found The Open Bullpen Door In The Mets Outfield

If I asked you which team in all of Major League Baseball had a bullpen door accidentally left open along their outfield wall, and then had a sharply hit ball by the opposition find exactly the absolute center of that three feet of space, as if guided by the movement of the very cosmos, and go through the open door…

Brave Beer Improbably Survives Man's Head-First Pursuit Of Foul Ball

By far the most captivating part of this fan’s frankly alarmingly committed pursuit of a foul ball at Saturday’s Orioles-Blue Jays game is that poor beer in his left hand. Will it survive? Won’t anyone think of the beer??

Simona Halep Claims First Slam Title, One Year After Roland Garros Collapse

A year after she blew a one-set lead in the French Open final to allow unseeded Jeļena Ostapenko to claim victory on the clay, Simona Halep bounced back from losing the first set to defeat Sloane Stephens and seize the first Grand Slam title of her career, 3–6, 6–4, 6-1.

The 2018 Hockey Night In Canada Season-Ending Montage Is Here

Hockey is over for the summer. That sucks! Perhaps, maybe, the only thing that can get us through those lean months will be the annual masterpiece that is the Hockey Night In Canada season-ending montage, set this year to Oasis (??). Here you are.

Action Hero Bradley Zimmer Lays Out For Tremendous Diving Grab

Ryan LaMarre of the Twins smashed a ball deep to left center in the second inning of today’s Indians-Twins game, where it very much had the look of a standup RBI double. That was before Indians centerfielder Bradley Zimmer came soaring in for the acrobatic highlight grab:

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