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Baking a Cake Baking a Cake

Bundt Cake II. I had an extra box of yellow cake mix and a bunch of eggs because I usually just buy a six pack. No lemons so no glaze. Plus vintage cake commercials.

Fancy a Sandwich Cream Sandwich? Fancy a Sandwich Cream Sandwich?

This is bad! Slimline Salad Dressing bad! As awful as renaming Opal Fruits after a sci-fi mag (do they still make your mouth water?). Heinz are talking heresy.

Flowers on the menu Flowers on the menu

Fancy some flowers for dinner? Yesterday, I had Garden Rescue on the box, a tv show where Landscape Gardener Charlie Dimock plays off against young new turks, The Rich Brothers. Hopefully by the end of the show a member of the public gets their garden spruced up something fancy.

What a tangled fish net we cast What a tangled fish net we cast

I’ve got a bit of red snapper in the oven, doused in oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper, a squirt of lemon juice, and a splash of Maggie’s Green Chilli Sauce. It’s going on the plate with some Basmati and wild rice, coleslaw, corn and peas. (At least I did when I originally started writing this last week.)

Six sprouts only Six sprouts only

Leicestershire County Council have some advice for Christmas dinner - don’t cook too many sprouts. Apparently six is the optimum number! Sounds like a paltry portion to me.

Hurry for the curry Hurry for the curry

Amazing how these things slip by. Spice Guy Cyrus Todiwala is on Saturday Kitchen making spiced venison skewers with a Brussels sprouts thoran which looks kind of excellent. But he mentioned that it is National Curry Week this side of the pond. As if we need an excuse.

What would Daniel Blake say?

Food Banks are a charitable endeavor aimed at providing support for people in awkward situations. Disgracefully, they are a growth industry in the UK. So cute as this is, I can’t help think somebody is taking the proverbial. Cardiff Foodbank have been gifted a haul of 50-year-old canned foods.

Fancy a bug burger or cricket cookies? Fancy a bug burger or cricket cookies?

Are you ready for a feast of locusts? Some years back, I ate bugs in America. Mealworms, I think. They were a novelty snack variously flavoured BBQ and Chili. And I later discovered that back in London Selfridges had a small section that stocked similar products along with chocolate covered crickets and boiled sweets…

Mince on toast - Puff Dogs bite back?  Mince on toast - Puff Dogs bite back? 

This is weird! Don’t ask me why, but it is. Who does this in Britain? Apparently it’s a Kiwi thing and truth be told it looks easy to make and probably does taste delicious. Is it the Puff Dogs revenge?

Do you want Spam with that, my Dullin' ...? Do you want Spam with that, my Dullin' ...?

Spam is eighty years old today. The stuff in the tin, not the e-mail variety. You’ve kept it in the back of the cupboard for far too long. Get it out and celebrate with a spam fritter or some exotic Hawaiian dish.

Puff the magic sausage Puff the magic sausage

i’m not a great fan of sausage rolls. OK, a couple of sausages in a bap with a squirt of ketchup is great, but those little lumps of sausage meat in a puff-pastry wrap are too reminiscent of formal functions I would rather avoid.

Pasta beast is coming home to roost Pasta beast is coming home to roost

The British Nutrition Foundation have just released one of those surveys that are amusing when you hear the results, but what the heck are parents or teachers telling kids? Yes, that pork chop was in a packet, but before that it was part of Peppa Pig you know!

Thank cod it's Fry-day Thank cod it's Fry-day

It’s National Fish & Chips Day in the UK. Conveniently on a Fry-day. Time to get a nice bit of haddock in batter with a potion of chips and a dollop of gravy if you’re Northern. The rest of us will go with vinegar and a splosh of tartre sauce.

Tater Tots Tater Tots

Jeff Daniels for Ore-Ida Tater Tots. 1979. And Rich Little 1981. When it says Ore-Ida, it’s All-Righta.

Cereal Ads

I had done Kellogg’s specific. And cereal boxes. Finding the different brands is the fun part. Always something strange. Quaker Halfsies in header. 1982.

Celebrities Eating Hot Dogs Celebrities Eating Hot Dogs

Hot dogs. With a touch of celebrity.

Cuisine After Midnight Cuisine After Midnight

Tonight on Biography. Food. Vintage. Ads.

Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger

Burger ads. I was trying to find as many of the little unknown brands as I could. Plus: Andy Warhol Eats a Hamburger.

Ketchup Ketchup

Anticipation. Educated people pronounce it catsup.

Snack Time

Boy, am I hungry. Various vintage snack commercials. Planters Cheez Balls in a can.

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